Ying Yun 英云

Just completed the creation process with Wen Wei Dance for the premiere of Ying Yun 英云. I’m happy to say that it’s my first time creating a full length music score for a dance performance, along with projection design using actual original hand painting as the source, while also continuing some of the simple aesthetics of new media work that I’ve been doing in the past. I’m so stoked to be working with Jono, Andie and Jill representing the Chimerik team again in this awesome combination. The process has been truly wonderful. We got to spend the last 10 days with lighting design focused tech/creation with these amazing dancers and tech team.

(Now I’m going on a secret mission for a few days..)

This work is very special. Dedicated to Wen Wei’s mother who passed away in 2014 due to ovarian cancer, this work is very special. Wei found ways to craft his work in ways that truly empower women. The piece is performed by 5 kickass, young dancers who worked super hard attaining a place that’s both unique and personal, yet universal, and most importantly—irreplaceable.

Choreography: Wen Wei Wang, in collaboration with dancers
Performers: Stéphanie Cyr, Eowynn Enquist, Sarah Formosa, Daria Mikhaylyuk and Eden Solomon
Sound, Video, and Lighting Design: Chimerik似不像 Collective
Sound Designer/Electroacoustic Music: Sammy Chien, in collaboration with Wen Wei Wang and dancers
Video Designer: Sammy Chien
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Kim
Design Assistants: Andie Lloyd and Jill Shao
Costume Designer: Linda Chow

Premiere Date
February 19 – 23, 2019

Scotiabank Dance Centre




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Snippet of the Process at Banff Centre:






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just finished first week of residency at the Banff Centre for Wen Wei Dance’s new work Ying Yun. It’s the 3rd time for me at Banff Centre, it feel so nostalgic for me to be back in this artist-heaven. This week, we’re finishing the last sections of the creation/choreography. I got to create a original sound composition sourcing from dancers’ voice, breath and sound generated from the body. We did a fun improvised recording session. it’s so nice to explore the musicality coming from the body, especially from these amazing bodies dancing on stage, how it extends and transforms into the space. Something about seeing the bodies and hearing them thru totally different facets. This group of young women are super amazing. So proud of what they’ve achieved so far. Also once again, i’m loving the process working with Wen Wei, he treats everyone so well. Give us enough time, space, room to create and so honest and easy to communicate with, no time feel wasted. Next week we’ll start working on video/projection work. #banffcentre #artistresidency #dance #creation #sound #score #design #music #contemporarydance #wenweidance #yingyun @wenweidance @wenweiw1 @oblaco @sarah_formosa @eowynn @seawhyare @local_rib


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