W(e)aves 0.3 Completion

I’ve completed my first solo research-creation phase for W(e)aves, with version 0.3 beta 1, 2 & 3 presented. In this 2.5 weeks research phase, I’ve got to do a residency at Centre A & Left of Main and got to perform at Vancouver Art Gallery’s big art auction and Pretty Good Not Bad Festival in Victoria. I feel really blessed, honoured and accomplished. I worked really hard in these short duration of time, with super high density of research, creation and actual productions, shows and even to touring, with high stakes! These 2.5 weeks felt like months.

I got to work with a performance mentor that I’ve been dying to do in the last few years, one of the dopest performance artist Su-Feh Lee, she really drilled me deep and opened up so many doors in me. Working with her for an hour beats a week of rehearsal by myself. I learnt so much about what it takes to be a performance artist, I really went from ground up again, stripped away so many things. I got to do residency and showing in the Asian contemporary art centre, @centre_a I’ve always loved and respected so much. Got to research with my fav electronic musician Michael Red‘s score and my dearest teacher/Canadian Electroacoustic music pioneer Barry Truax’s music. I had a chance to lined up 3 showings within the research phase as my goals. I got to perform in front of a bunch of prestigious art collectors while being supported by the Vancouver Art Gallery’s amazing team and such heartwarming staffs. The showing at Centre A was an amazing turn out, I felt the love from my communities across disciplines. Finally, ended with a tour to Victoria’s festival, I was able to bring the work on the road (w/ assistant Kimia Koochakzadeh ‘s support and Alfonso Chin filming my whole process), presented it in a club environment. really tested my capacity to adapt to new space and taking risks as a performer. W(e)aves 0.3 phase is a wrap for now, next version coming soon…

so many more people to thank, you know who you are. xoxo
? Cyrus Wu & Paul Crowe

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Pretty Good Not Bad Festival in Victoria

A big thank you to the Pretty Good Not Bad festival, Sammy Chien performed his solo piece W(e)aves 0.3 b3 at the Upstairs Cabaret a few days ago, marking the end of the work-in-progress research-creation phase 0.3. We had the opportunity to perform along with other talented artists and to experience the art community in Victoria. It was a great experience thanks to PGNB festival for all their hard work!

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