W(e)aves 0.2 at MOA

Sammy Chien will be presenting his work-in-progress work at the MOA in Vancouver Oct 6th, 2017, a work that investigates migration, race & gender politics, transcultural identity and spiritual philosophies using digital technologies, audiovisuals, text, contemporary dance, and qi-gong.


Friday, October 6 | 8:30 pm
Tickets: $25 (on sale soon)

What is the language of movement, light, and sound? Join us for a special evening of live performance, music, and calligraphy by acclaimed artists who are experimenting with various forms of writing in motion.
The award-winning Assembly Dance Theatre from Taiwan will perform the newest addition to their Dancing in Ink series, choreographed specifically for MOA’s Great Hall for their Canadian debut. They will be joined by Sammy Chien, a Taipei born, Vancouver based interdisciplinary media artist, and Kimura Tsubasa, a renown calligrapher from Japan.
Refreshments served at the cash bar in the lobby before and after the show.
All galleries will be open for viewing.


Live Calligraphy by Kimura Tsubasa
Japanese calligrapher Kimura Tsubasa will perform her large-scale calligraphic works on stage, set to the stunning, improvisatory music of award-winning Vancouver based cellist Marina Hasselberg from Portugal. (Photo: Ricardo Seah.)
W(e)aves 0.2 by Sammy Chien
Sammy Chien (Chimerik) is a Taipei born, Vancouver based interdisciplinary media artist, director, and performer who works with film, sound art, new media and dance/theatre performance. W(e)aves 0.2 is a work-in-progress series of interdisciplinary new media performance research works dealing with issues in migration, xenophobia, race & gender politics, transcultural identity, and told story through digital technologies, new media, sound art, text, film, contemporary dance and qi gong—a technological, socio-political and spiritual investigation.(Photo: Sheng Ho.)
Dancing in Ink No. 3: Passing By by Assembly Dance Theatre
As the third incarnation of their Dancing in Ink performance series, Passing By explores the interconnected realms of poetry, calligraphy, and dance. Inspired by the legendary Chinese poet-calligrapher Su Shi and his lyric poem, Memories of the Past at Red Cliff, it brings to life the resilience of the ordinary human spirit amidst the rise and fall of turbulent times.
Founded in 1993, Assembly Dance Theatre has won international critical acclaim for their mesmerizing, visually stunning performances inspired by Chinese calligraphy and poetry. Artistic director Yang Kuei-Chuan has developed a unique dance vocabulary via an ‘assembly’ approach that creatively evokes the traditional, local, innovative, epochal and global through dance performance. (Photo: Assembly Dance Theatre.)
Related Exhibition: Traces of Words: Art and Calligraphy from Asia
This program is made possible through Spotlight Taiwan supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Japan Foundation.

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