The Sun and the Moon

Sammy’s new video/projection design work for dance with Chimerik 似不像 (with design assistant Kimia Koochakzadeh), we premiere the work on July 5th in Nanaimo and then we’re back in Vancouver for Dancing on the Edge Festival July 9 & 11, 2018.

The Sun and the Moon

Development, choreography and direction by Holly Bright based on a story of the same name by Snuneymuxw author, Celestine Aleck.

Co-created with performers, Genevieve Johnson and Nicola Jackson
Costumes by Graham McMonagle
Original score composed by Wayne LaVallee
Video Design by Chimerik 似不像
Original Drawing by Colbert Melvin Good Jr.
Lighting Design by John Carter

Crimson Coast Dance Society presents InFrinGinG Dance Festival

The Sun and the Moon
The Port Theatre July 5 @ 7:30pm

some snippets from the process

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After finishing the show in Victoria, we went straight to Nanaimo to work on the video-design creation for a dance performance The Sun and The Moon, choreographed by Holly Bright. This show will be premiered on July 5th in Nanaimo. Our intern Kimia Yazdi got to experience her first video-design process, assisting Sammy. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Holly and the dancers and we are looking forward to this performance which was inspired by the beautiful indigenous story written by Snuneymuxw author, Celestine Aleck. #multimedia #videoart #contemporary #art #dance #newmedia #mediaarts #motiontracking #energy #form #sociopolitical #political #history #chinese #text #ancient #script

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detailed info:

The InFrinGinG Dance Festival opens with a new work by Holly Bright, The Sun and the Moon, based on a Coast Salish creation story by Snuneymuxw author, Celestine Aleck. It features an original score by Wayne Lavallee alongside performances by local artists Genevieve Johnson, Nicola Jackson.

The evening begins with performances by Foot Prints of the Wolf and Snuneymuxw Dance Group, alongside a contemporary trio created by 3 emerging dance artists, Lisa Deptuck, Halle Ebdrup, and Mikaela Robinson.

The InFrinGinG Dance Festival opens with a celebration of local Indigenous artists

•Foot Prints of the Wolf, a Snuneymuxw family song and dance group.

•Snuneymuxw Dance Group

•The Secret Path, a contemporary trio created by 3 young, emerging dancers that hopes to raise awareness of the devastating effects of residential schools and deepen understandings of how this has affected all Canadians. This dance was created by Lisa Deptuck, Halle Ebdrup, and Mikaela Robinson.

•The Sun and the Moon is a dance work by Holly Bright based on a contemporary creation story by Snuneymuxw author, Celestine Aleck, and created with the magical input of dance artists, Genevieve Johnson and Nicola Jackson.

We are pleased to have talented composer Wayne LaVallee joining us on this project. Costume design and construction is by the thoughtful and talented, Graham McMonagle. Lighting Design is in creation by a man of particular innovation, John Carter, and Video Design by the hippest group of video artists in Canada, We will be contained by the tech and admin of The Port Theatre and our Production Manager, Robin Boxwell, our solid ground.

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“Working with these artists and this design team is awe-inspiring. They are talented and generous. Celestine is at rehearsals, guiding, inputting, witnessing. The invitation by her to create this work has been a gift that has brought joy, healing, laughter and that deep, sweaty, fulfilling creative process to each of us. Ci:t Shqwalawun. I am grateful from my heart for this project.” Holly

This is a creation story. A story about why the Sun and the Moon follow each other. A story of love and the arc it paints in the sky.
When next you witness a sunrise, sunset, an eclipse, a meeting of these two beings, remember that the Sun and the Moon will always love each other as well as this planet on which their children thrive.

Premier Performance in Nanaimo, one night only, July 5, 7:30pm at The Port Theatre during Crimson Coast Dance Society’s InFrinGinG Dance Festival!

Dancing on the Edge Festival: July 9, 7pm & July 11, 9pm

Photo credits: Cara McKenna of Salish Sea Sentinel, Design: Sofina Johnson, Artists: Nicola Jackson, Genevieve Johnson.

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