The Space of Silence: 1 Day Virtual Silent Meditation Retreat

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Many of you have been asking when I plan to host another online workshop on contemporary movement Qi Gong workshop. Well, here it is! Co-organized by The Rested Revolution & co gro coaching and supported by 5 lovely volunteers donating their time to do work for good cause. If this kind of work resonates with your spiritual journey, or suits your needs in any other way, we hope you will join us!

Space of Silence is a 1-day virtual silent meditation retreat with the purpose of finding rest and clarity throughout the day and bringing new modalities and peace into your life. Participants are encouraged to “Pay What You Can” with all proceeds going to a charitable grassroots organization supporting folks in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. No experience or equipment necessary- it’s really accessible to jump in! While it’s a full day meditation retreat, there are no rules, you can come and go as you please- this can be whatever feels right to you.

Sammy Chien will facilitate a workshop on his current research work on Qi Gong, energy healing and contemporary movement art. It begins with acknowledgement of his teachers and brief context of the work, then small sacred ritual, grounding and channeling work that leads to the main part which centers on accessing our own spiritual energy as a form of movement and healing practice, deriving from Nature Centre Gong (自然中心功) a kind of Qi Gong that’s shapeless and formless, resonating with the Taoist principles of Wu Wei (無為 the non-action)—there are no specific goal or much intention but just to follow flow of energy effortlessly while attaining harmony with the universe and the mother nature. We invite you to meditate while physically moving with our spiritual energy that enables this deep and beautiful interconnections within each one of us. “the Tao does not act, but there is nothing that it does not achieve”.

Sessions Leaders:
Corina Santema @corinasantema
Flory Huang @the.rested.revolution
Lindssay Tran @lindssaytran
Sammy Chien @soar55
Sophia Wolfe @maiwolfe
Urszula Lipsztajn @urszulalipsztajn

Sharing the photo by Lena Mucha, image design and notes from @the.rested.revolution: @soar55 is an international interdisciplinary and new media performance artist/researcher/mentor also known for his work in @chimerikcollective.

He’ll be faciliting a process of integrating energy practice and contemporary movement art, centring on accessing our own spiritual energy as a form of dance and healing practice, deriving from Nature Centre Gong (自然中心功) a kind of Qi Gong that’s shapeless and formless.

Sammy adds:
“The session will be a mixture of holding sacred space, establishing deeper connection with your energetic body, and initiating the flow of energy in forms of creative movement practice. I will facilitate the journey, but the journey will be yours, you can go as deep or as small as you feel comfortable or called to do. There will be something for everyone on however level is right for them at this time.”

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