Teaching projection/media design at SFU

I just finished teaching a 3 day intensive sessions on projection/media design for SFU students, within 3 days, these students learnt how to do basic projection mapping, use still images and videos to add textures and transform projection surfaces/real world objects, using multiple live camera  and wireless cameras to feed into their mapped frames, creating an illusion of window looking into another reality. By the second day we already brought some of these raw tools into the rehearsal and played with the dancers and actors, integrating these technologies and media ideas into the super early stage of process, which is almost impossible in most of the productions, this is such a treat for artists!

When I see the student say “WOW this is soooo cool!” with a big bright smile with rays of lights beaming out of their head, and you can just see in their eyes how much more they’re going to create with these tools, it makes me so happy and really reminded me when I had this same experience 10 years ago. I want to acknowledge and thank my initial teachers of Isadora Jamie Griffiths and Mark Coniglio, who are still my lifetime mentor and inspiring artist/human being.

I’m very excited to see how this process will unfold, the show is in mid March, and there are going to be around 50 performers and a big team, with super dope co-directors Steven Hill & Rob Kitsos, alone many amazing choreographers… stay tuned 😉

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