Featured in the 2018 Simon Fraser University Handbook!

Found myself in the Simon Fraser University’s student hand book for Fall 2018. Thank you Dean Lastoria for sending them to me as a gift. It’s a really nice print! 飲水思源 sending appreciation to the source that contributed to where I am today–the creative environment of SFU, the radical professors. And the life changing event when Dr. Henry Daniel brought Troika Ranch to work with us, I got to work with the creator of Isadora, which lead to this photo of me working in Lake Studio Berlin where I did my one-on-one mentorship/research funded by BC Arts Council, and developed into a new project “W(e)aves” that I’m currently working on with the support from Canada Council for the Arts.

It’s funny because in my early school years, I barely survived, I was on academic probation for a while and was almost kicked out of school. I found what I love and what spoke to me the most. I tried challenging the school’s curriculum and was embraced. I hoped that one day this school would be proud of me and my work. And, here I am!

One love to the photographers Ja Schabi & Sheng Ho. Photographed in Lake Studios Berlin & Vancouver Art Gallery of a co-creation work-in-progress “Introducing Asia” with Tarun Nayar & Scheherazaad Cooper.

I also have to thank my teachers, Laura Marks Arne Eigenfeldt Martin Gotfrit Pia Massie Rob Groeneboer Colin Browne and many others, who spotted a little shimmering light and didn’t give up on me. Thank you again and again.

A cute little reminisce of my school days

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