Residency at Banff Centre

Sammy Chien has been accepted in the Dance Thematic Residency: “Choreography Across Disciplines” at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, also awarded with financial support by Muriel Jolliffe Endowment for Dance.

Sammy would like to express a thank you acknowledgement  to the Banff Centre and Muriel Jolliffe Endowment for Dance for the support.

program overview:

In response to a growing cross-disciplinary interest in choreography, this eight-day thematic residency co-facilitated by Ame Henderson and Christopher House will bring together 8-12 artists to engage with methods and ideas distilled from contemporary choreographic practice.

Choreography Across Disciplines is for professional artists working in disciplines other than dance who are leaning towards choreographic ideas, and for dance practitioners investigating choreography in dialogue with other art forms. The goal of the residency is to explore how choreographic thinking – spatial, temporal and sensory – can enhance a diverse range of artistic practices.

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