Zenopollack (2012)

Zenopollock is a reactive media installation that utilizes video tracking and digital media processing to create an experience where body movement can create paint like images on screen.

What happens when our body is given the opportunity to recreate certain images from our minds? How can this be physically translated while making use of the vicissitudes of technology? Zenopollock subconsciously invites the viewers to become movement/media artists that creates digital artwork in real-time.

The software captures the bodies in space through the camera-sensor and calibrates the motion data to generate ink and paint-like strokes on the screen. The motion of the bodies then becomes layers of coloured ink that paints on the projection screen, depending on the speed and positions of the body’s movement, the amount of ink and composition of the picture will vary. The ink will soon fade away also depending on the viewer’s movement choices and speed. This results series of transitory eastern painting in real-time.

Zenopollock endows the intuitive body and creative mind to unfurl with an effortless instrument, chance and immediacy. The participant utilizes their body to produce art while obtaining control of the amount of paint, colours and textures on the canvas. The advantage of this digital manifestation, expressionism and ‘action painting’ is that it is environmental-friendly, no waste that’s generated. This new media piece is aimed to make painting more accessible and intuitive where anyone can use painting as an intention to indirectly invite and inspire the audiences to engage the body as what ones may do in contemporary dance and movement/performance art.

Prototype video:

prototype image render:

past prototype examples:

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