The world premiere of Lesley Ewen’s new Play incredible actors Jeff Ho, Julien Galipeau and Braiden Houle bring the story to life with passion, intelligence and a brash sense of humour. The renowned design team, Sammy Chien, Khan Lee, Stefan Smulovitz, James Proudfoot and Hannah Case, have created an elegantly rich, multidimensional environment within which to tell this heartfelt, funny and deeply intense tale of Love and Redemption.

June 20–23, 2018 at the Roundhouse Performance Centre

Produced by the frank theatre company and The Queer Arts Festival

Written and directed by Lesley Ewen
Produced by Fay Nass and SD Holman

Set Design: Kahn Lee
Video Design: Sammy Chien
Sound: Stefan Smulovitz
Choreography: David Bloom
Technical Director: Jeff Harrison
Stage Manager: Jen Swan
Production Assistants: Kanon Hewitt, Kimia Koochakzadeh and Heather Barr



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