Barcelona El Graner Research Residency

Sammy Chien was awarded a residency grant from the Canada Council for the Arts and the 5th International Cultural Exchange Grant funded by the National Arts & Cultural Foundation (Taiwan).


Taiwan Digital Arts & Contemporary Dance Co-creation Research Project

國家文化藝術基金會2017年度第五期 國際文化交流台灣 – 巴賽隆納 數位藝術Χ當代舞蹈 共創研發計

Political tension was at a peak between the Catalonian and Spanish governments. Taiwanese artistic producer, Huang Wen, Invited Sammy to participate in an exchange because Catalonia and Taiwan share similar experiences of political oppression. Sammy would like to share his research visit and artists residency in Barcelona.

There were three main components of the residency; the studio time at El Graner (a centre for creation of the body and movement); attendance of the MIRA Digital Arts Festival; and a collaboration with choreographer Manuel Rodriguez.

About El Graner

El Graner is framed within the Art Factories program of the Barcelona City Council and is managed by el Mercat de les Flors, with the collaboration of the APDC (Catalonia’s Dance Professionals Association) and the ACPDC (Catalonia’s Professional Dance Companies Association). El Graner aims at having an impact on different contexts of the creative fabric acting through several different work lines. The main areas of work of el Graner are: Creation, internationalization, thought, education and proximity. El Graner hosts dance artist residencies, develops artistic cooperation projects with other cultural agents and promotes the integration of the center within its neighborhood, among other objectives. As a center for creation, it offers the possibility of learning about artistic forms and practices and emphasizes an inclusive organizational structure that keeps a close contact with the audience through local activities.

MIRA Digital Arts Festival

MIRA is a digital arts festival based on three connected areas: exhibition, divulgation and education, and is held annually in Barcelona (since 2011) and Berlin (since 2016). Electronica, virtual reality, 3D sounds, 360º concerts, performances and screenings, robotics, immersive and interactive experiences, and new space, stage and light design are the anchors of a highly visual proposal. MIRA wants to make the audience feel closer to several worlds of tech creation within a digital art event aiming to become a platform for new talents as well as a showcase for world-known artists, and also create unique immersive experiences through tech innovation and live visual plus music interlace. MIRA promotes artistic collaborations and boosts the creation of new projects supporting relations between collectives, organizations and artists from the digital arts and technology fields. The non-profit feature of the festival helped by volunteers, makes the results being re-invested aiming to promote digital culture in the most sustainable way.


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thank you Mira Festival for inviting me to experience their wonderful programming this year, you can really see how much work and thoughtfulness that’s put in, especially the use of the space and the diverse programming! in such a beautiful warehouse space, setting big music & AV acts (big sound, 3 ch. video/beautiful long stripe projection), new media installations (epic lighting sequence and interactive drone!), dome projection (non-permanent setup in an outdoor area!) and there’s a room with 32 ch. sound for live DJ/electronic music acts, that’s pretty nuts, imagine dancing to 32 ch. of electronic/dance music. congrats to the festival team! #barcelona #bcn #mirafestival #digitalarts #newmedia #liveAV @mirafestival

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so amazed that I can bump into my friend @tzusing_ in Barcelona too, of course he’s headlining the Friday night’s program on such a huge stage. It’s just crazy how just a few years ago, I was chilling with him in Taichung when I was mounting the installation work with @chimerikcollective, now he’s probably one of the most up-and-coming name in the European techno scene/ one of the biggest name in Asia, and as an Asian DJ, it’s really so much tougher to be recognized and appreciated on stage, since the techno (and most of the entertainment/cultural sectors) are still so driven by Eurocentric/white presence. I’m so proud of what’s he’s accomplished, it’s not just making music/performances and doing good shows, it’s also decolonizing lots of old BS that we’re still suffering from. was so great to get to hang out with such a big DJ now, but still like a human-being, hearing him out about how he still gets nervous before playing and he’s sensitivity towards the audience, how exhausting being on long tour is, and how he plays street fighter as a warm up before he performs on stage lol. well, i gotta say, he killed the stage, he moved the crowd and made everyone dance hard from the top to the end. the fact that he is constantly creating new set and still innovating/experimenting new ideas, it really translated. so proud of this artist friend. #DJ #techno #electronicmusic #mirafestival #tzusing #decolonize @mirafestival #barcelona

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after Mira Festival from 5 pm – 2:30 am, closed by amazing set by Tzusing, we jumped on the night bus to go to Apolo (i think arca was playing), the club was a dance hall from the 1950s, so the space is really unique! quite a warm/retro vibe, packed with ppl dancing at 6am, very impressed. after I woke up the next day, I found another rally for Catalonia, this time we had 700,000 people showed up, probably filled more than 30 blocks of street, I couldn’t get to the main speaker/event, but it was amazing to see this many people standing up for their rights/to free the political prisoners. Then I attended another really interesting festival—Fenòmens, quite mixed programming from dance/movement/video installation to interdisciplinary queer cabaret. rodrigo ’s performance was really strong, engaging and quite unique with his own musical, movement and performance language. the festival found a way to have smooth transitions between each acts in so many different spaces, clever! so much happening in #Barcelona. such wide latitude of things. super enriching weekend. just wanted quickly to share this with the world. #performance #festival #enriching #weekend #arts #artsandculture #Fenomens #queer #interdisciplinary #cabaret #socialmovement @rodrigocuevasg @moritzbarcelona

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Artist Exchange with Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez was born in Ubeda (Jaen), studied Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the Conservatory of Dance Luis del Rio de Cordoba and Royal Conservatory of Mariemma Dance in Madrid, also Fine Arts at the Escuela de Arte Nº 10 in Madrid.In 2010 he created his first solo entitled “Limits” with which participates in different festivals and with that obtained several prizes in international competitions.1º Prize in International Choreography Contest “Burgos / NYC”, 1º prize in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid 1º Prize in Gdansk International Dance Contest 2014 in Poland. In 2015 he made a piece for Tanzcompanie of Graz Opera in Austria co-directed with Guido Sarli. Recently he nominated for the Critics Awards in the category of Best Dancer for the piece “Voronia” (La Veronal Company)Manuel Rodriguez throughout his career he has collaborated with many different companies and choreographers. He has also developed his role as a visual artist and graphic designer in charge of the image of all your personal stage projects and other dance companies. Practice mural painting with different techniques specializing in aerosol. Since 1997 conducts numerous events and exhibitions has been in charge of various projects and interior decoration.

Sammy visited numerous festivals, performance venues, symposiums; participated in political rallies and met significant artists, as well as participated in a meaningful show-and-tell sharing session in El Graner. Below are some selected photos to show some of the fruitful time during the residency/research visit.

Sammy also had a deep exchange with local artist Manuel. They shared their artistic vision, ideas and conceptualization of a new project together that aims to co-partner with El Graner, Mira Festival and Fly Global. 

Sammy on his trip:

“This trip was very fruitful and inspiring. I got to attend so many festivals, shows and exhibitions, really got to see a lot of new things, absorbed lots of new information. I also made lots of new contacts and great connections from artists, curator, producers and even architects both locally in Barcelona and internationally from around the world.”


Sammy sharing his solo research:

“Working on researches with motion tracking (skeleton tracking) and integrating Qi Gong/energy work. Also working on live text, sound, video & movement integrating with digital technology as new ways of story telling format that revolves issues on migration, racism and other sociopolitical perspectives.”

Artist Sharing Session

Protest Rallies

Report Published on National Arts & Cultural Foundation (Taiwan) 

5th international cultural exchange grant 國家文化藝術基金會2017年度第五期 國際文化交

台灣巴賽隆納 數位藝術X當代舞蹈 共創研發計畫

透過台灣數位表演藝術國際續航平台(Fly Global)對巴賽隆納相關當地合作單位的引薦


巴賽隆納在數位藝術與當代舞蹈方面,積極開拓兩者跨界創作的視野,以及尋求國際合作交流的可能;2017年初,巴賽隆那當代舞蹈編創中心(El Graner),透過與國藝會數位表演藝術平台(Fly Global)的接觸,並連結巴賽隆納Mira數位藝術節(Mira Digital Festival),希望能夠共同以2-3年的時間,持續對話並開展未來兩地藝術家的合作契機,在創作類型中以數位藝術結合當代舞蹈為方向,從不同的文化背景、創作型態碰撞,期待生成有趣具實驗性的作品概念,而在此規劃的期程當中,第一年為邀請台灣具數位藝術背景的藝術家,前往巴賽隆納El Graner,與其建議的藝術家做第一階段的會面與工作坊,並且共同參加Mira藝術節中的藝術家連線活動,協助台灣藝術家在短時間內獲得有利的研究資源,並與在地開始建立連結。

關於El Graner 當代舞蹈編創中心

El Graner含有藝術家駐村工作空間,同時並也與多方藝文單位合作資源作品創作過程的發展,為了推動與周邊及在地藝文觀眾的接觸,有教育推廣計畫,並在2012年開始舉辦Salmon藝術節,策演具實驗性的年輕藝術家作品。

El Graner是巴賽隆納市政府文化部門「藝術工廠計畫」(Art Factories Program)下,針對身體相關的語彙及動態發展的研究中心,並由巴賽隆納最具代表性的舞蹈劇院Mercat de les Flors共同管理,與加泰隆尼亞舞蹈協會(Catalonia’s Dance Professionals Association) 、加泰隆尼亞專業舞團協會(Catalonia’s Professional Dance Companies Association)合作,提供創作支援、國際連結、教育推廣等不同層次的資源。

關於Mira數位藝術節(Mira Digital Arts Festival)

Mira數位藝術節從2011年於巴賽隆納每年11月舉行,並於2016年也開始於柏林舉辦,注重數位與科技藝術發展的新趨勢,包含電子影音演出(audio-visual),沉浸式影音演出(Full-dome audio visual),藝術裝置、3D環繞聲響演出、講座會議、工作坊等。Mira也支持新型的藝術創作計畫,並與各種不同的共造社群、文化單位合作,期待以一個具有長遠生態性的模式,推廣並新創數位文化,在未來幾年,Mira也希望能夠有策展/演更多即時現場性、身體性的數位藝術作品,也願意在未來對於台灣與巴賽隆納共創研發的可能,協助其在藝術節共製、演出或發表的機會。



我同時也舉辦了一個關於我個人作品研究的邀請制分享會:關於運動追蹤(頭部追蹤)結合氣功及能量場,透過現場文字的使用、聲響、影像、以數位科技結合運動等,來尋找新型的敘事方式,討論關於移動、種族歧視、以及其他社會政治議題觀點;與當地藝術家Manuel有深度交流的機會,分享關於我們的藝術願景及想法,並且構思與El GranerMira Festival、及Fly Global未來的合作新計劃。





晨間活動、早餐、與駐村地El Garner的窗口Elena會面、騎腳踏車出門尋找當地政治抗議活動、參與抗議活動、回去尋找相關的媒體報導


下午三點觀賞Guy Nadar & Maria Campos’s company彩排,意見回饋交流討論;參加Naomi Klien’ 以及巴塞隆那市長的公開論壇;巴塞隆納舞蹈劇院(mercat de les flors)觀賞Cos- Arxiu Transmissio Memoria (關於如何把有經驗的藝術家作品,傳承給比較年輕的藝術家,轉傳經驗如何在年輕世代進行並且重新詮釋,什麼該留下什麼應該要被改變)


參加Mira Festival的邀請制藝術家午餐聚會;邀請制的圓頂投影放映、藝術節導覽、觀賞藝術節展覽;藝術節於下午六點正式開始,節目包括:影音表演(比較偏向現場音樂演出+VJ)、多聲軌道的派對房間(具實驗性的電子音樂、現場有33個聲軌)、聲音裝置、超棒的光信號裝置、無人機互動裝置(互動反應點、用聲音驅動、同時在三個驅動點上無人機就會上升)、鏡面彩虹房(使用鏡面反射的類比效果,以及霧來製造魔幻氛圍,鏡面加裝馬達)、運用演算法來告訴你命運的房間、遇到朋友Tzusing是當晚的主要DJ-敘舊並討論未來可能合作到凌晨230前往阿波羅劇場,觀賞Arca演出,場地是50年代的舞廳風格,很有趣。


午後參與政治抗議活動;參與Fenomens festival – 包含各種行為藝術形式的多元藝術節,很好的策展概念,巧妙利用各種空間作品之間的流動性。


拜訪聖家堂及高地其他作Park De La Ciutadella;前往Hiroshima觀賞

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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