Of Our Eyes


Of Our Eyes
edited and published by re:asian

Styling: Sam Lu
Models: Anchi Lin and Sammy Chien
Makeup artist: Carol Yuu Chen
Photography: Marchel Creative (Marchel B. Eang)

Project initiated by Sam Lu, then edited and published by re:asian (formerly known as Yellow Noise). Modelled by Vancouver based Asian-Canadian artists Sammy Chien & Anchi Lin. Makeup by Carol Yuu Chen. Photographed by Marchel B. Eang of Marchel Creative. Fashion wear includes works by Alex S Yu, Yohji Yamamoto, TildArt.

One of our mission is to decolonize the mainstream media that perpetuates racial stereotypes, systemic discrimination and internalized racism/repressions caused by white supremacy. It is important to have independent voice, platform and expressions that subverts its status quo and the systemic repression that’s build by the colonialist and the small percent of people who holds unbalanced amount of power against the rest. To recognize these bullsh*t and withstand its overarching shadows, to rise, to shine and to queer out of these old-dated system with new political/artistic/social expressions, and in solidarity with the other marginalized voice.

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original publication: http://reasian.com/all-posts/2017/1/16/of-our-eyes




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