Marathassa April 9, 2016
Vines Art Festival

Creators: June Fukumura and Heather Lamoureux
Performers: Carolina Bergonzoni, Marc Castellini, Sammy Chien, Valerie Chrisitansen June Fukumura, Katie Gartlan-Close,Tin Gamboa, Heather Lamoureux, Danielle Lavallée, Alisha Lemire, Diego Romero and Sepehr Samimi
Filming: Nancy
Editing: Sepehr Samimi

This piece is an activism performance art for our environment. April 9th 12noon @ English Bay, Vancouver

“Marathassa”, A durational movement piece with 12 performers in remembrance of ship MV Marathassa’s oil spill on April 9th 2015. Performers will explore the dangers of oil tankers in our waters and recall the precious environment that was severely effected by this event.

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