Lies/Harmony 和とウソの間 trailer

Trailer for Lies/Harmony 和とウソの間
Kazuma Glen Motomura x Sammy Chien

Trailer edited by Sammy Chien (with Chimerik似不像)
Performance, Choreography, Direction- Kazuma Glen Motomura (bodypoet/ mad world dance/ taetvremya)
Sound, Video, Light/ Artistic Collaborator – Sammy Chien
Film featured from: Kouki Tange (NOddIN)
Music featured from: Masataka Ota
Radiation to Sound conversion : Wataru Iwata

トレイラー 和とウソの間

出演・演出・振付: カズマ・グレン
映像作品提供;丹下 紘希 (NOddIN)
音楽提供:Masataka Ota

2.15 水 19:00
2.17 金 21:00
2.19 日 20:15
上演時間 40min ほど

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featured on Tokyo News Paper:

on Tokyo News 東京新聞

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柏林專訪:政治與劇場藝術掛帥,自由舞者Kazuma Glen Motomrua

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