Flow(er) (working title) This is a work-in-progress co-creation project between Dong Mei and Sammy Chien.

We’re currently in discussion about future presentations, residency and creation. Dates TBA.

This project seeks to integrate Chinese traditional folk dance from the disappearing tribe Uyghur in the Xinjiang province of China, as well as Qi Gong, a traditional Taoist practice connecting with the energy of our body as a practice of energy flow, in a contemporary new media dance performance presentation. This project deals with the context of migration, immigration issues, ethnic heritage and cultural differences. One of our goal in this project is to bridge the new immigrant community to the the local Western European-descendant community and making traditional art more accessible to the wider audiences today.

This is a teaser made by local filmmaker Alfonso Chin, documenting our first workshopping session with 7 dancers, projection and technology.

Sammy Chien – teaser from Alfonso Chin X. on Vimeo.

preliminary choreographic/costume ideas for this piece

An example of Dong Mei & Sammy’s collaboration. An excerpt of rehearsal with Dong Mei’s choreography and dance with Sammy’s live visuals/new media/projection design.

Dongmei’s dance on screen work -1/2

Dong Mei’s other work on traditional Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance

Sammy’s direction/choreographic/projection design work

example of Sammy’s solo performance with interactive/audiovisual technology + movement


for more information and any questions about the project, please contact us

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