BenQ commercial 明基電通

Commercial/acting appearance:
BenQ -“Let Big Ideas Shine”// BenQ|明基電通


Sammy Chien is featured on BenQ‘s new commercial as an VJ/Media Artist of Chimerik 似不像 collective doing live visual projection for an underground dance show, sounds just like the story of his real life. You can see Isadora, his fav software made a special appearance on screen as well in this commercial!

I am so happy to learn that the creator of Isadora, which is a good friend of mine, a super star and pioneer in the new media world who has inspired me and brought me tremendous success in the art world–Mark Coniglio, who is happy to hear about this news and also proud of me! This is a very meaningful and heartwarming news for me.

A big thank you shout out to Tom Lee! Congrats! Thank yo for giving me this opportunity to do this, glad we can work together after 10 years. We’re fighting hard to make a change for the ugly status quo, stereotypes and social ideology of the mainstream screen culture for the representation of Asian males. We’ll keep working hard to make a change. For all people of all colours. Also, to take a step for the artists to have more commercial appearance/involvement without losing their integrity and soul. It’s a good beginning. Thank you.

I can’t forget to thank Shang-Han Chien for coordinating the project while I am away, and work on the live visuals with me. all the hero behind the scenes.. much respect.

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我上BenQ的廣告了! BenQ新的投影機廣告

BenQ -“Let Big Ideas Shine”// BenQ|明基電通

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