opening performance for 2016 Taiwan Best Design 100 with Lim Giong 林強

After years of patience with fate, I finally got to work with one of hero Lim Giong 林強 aka Lin Chiang, a musician, DJ, songwriter, composer, music producer, music director, actor, and an active figure on the Taiwanese experimental electronic music scene, the composer of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s films (Millennium Mambo: 千禧曼波, Goodbye South, Goodbye: 南國再見,南國, The Assassin: 聶隱娘…etc) and numerous awards winner (Cannes Film Festival, Golden Horse, etc) , also a very kind spiritual practitioner/Buddhist. We had a really good chat, it’s so good to meet another hero figure who are actually a humble soul with amazing creative spirits in person.

We opened a show for 2016 Taiwan Best Design 100 by ShoppingDesign at CIT Centre for Innovation Taipei.

多年對緣分的耐心讓我終於跟我仰慕已久的創作者林強合作了,好欣慰他是一個這麼有實驗精神,大師級的人物而又非常謙虛近人,真的是值得尊敬。 感謝ShoppingDesign, 很榮幸能為 2016 Taiwan Best Design 100 做開幕表演
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