Nominated for 2019 Jessie Award


I’m so honoured to be nominated for a 2019 Jessie Award for Significant Artistic Achievement: Outstanding Video Design and Projection for our show Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts) produced by the frank theatre company/Queer Arts Festival. 

Since the work I do is so interdisciplinary, having to weave through so many categories and fields of practice, it’s often difficult to get recognized,  as we don’t fall into a specific category, especially when compared to those who have worked under an established category or field of practice for decades. For this reason I’m very grateful for awards like this because they bring recognition to artist collaborators who work in different fields and for those who often enter into framework outside of their own background.

I want to share this pride and joy with Lesley Ewen, director and writer of the work. So much of the video work came from her. She’s a director who knows exactly what she wants. The story was clearly planned out in her head for 17 years and it finally paid off. Bless. Paul Wong, the pioneer of media arts in Vancouver, this story is about you. For me to do the media design for this work was such a nerve wracking honour.

Producer Fay Nass, thank you for inviting me to join this production, for trusting me with the work. Thank you to the lovely video design assistants Kanon Hewitt & Kimia Yazdi (intern for Chimerik 似不像 for 2018 Summer) who helped me through the production and operation.  Khan Lee’s amazing set design made the projection possible, without this beautiful set the video wouldn’t look half as great. Jeff Harrison who (I will say this again) as a TD who allowed me to just send the rider and feel at ease walking into a space with the tech ready to go. A huge congrats to the rest of the team who were also nominated, and finally thank you to everyone who helped out on the production–every little bit counts.

It was such a meaningful project (especially considering subject matter that highlights queer culture and racism), and we all worked so hard on it. Again, imagine a story written 17 years ago about a queer Asian pioneer in the media arts in the 70s/80s in Vancouver that deals with mental health, colonization and social justice.

Congrats to the whole team of Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts) which was nominated for 7 Jessie Awards!

Significant Artistic Achievement – Small Theatre – Outstanding Video Design and Projection
Sammy Chien

Outstanding Set Design – Small Theatre
Khan Lee

Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition – Small Theatre
Stefan Smulovitz

Outstanding Lighting Design – Small Theatre
James Proudfoot

Outstanding Direction – Small Theatre
Lesley Ewen

Outstanding Production – Play – Small Theatre
Camera Obscura 

Outstanding Original Script
Lesley Ewen


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