Moving Stories Behind Eco-Fashion Brand TildArt

I got to meet up with Matilda who’s the designer/founder of TildArt, a London fashion brand that focuses on reuse, recycle and revive materials that often just becomes wastes. For those of you have seen my modelling photos, her work has been featured in my past photo shoots, some of my favourite garments and the best money that I’ve spent on. I met Matilda back in 2016 during Vancouver Eco-Fashion Week, which was a huge success and high profile/professional fashion show that really stood out from the rest, especially in the city that doesn’t have as much fashion culture rooted in, say, compare to cities like London—but Matilda spoke highly of Vancouver and the eco-fashion scene. I believe it’s both her open-mindedness and creative mind that brought us together again. 

This time, I really got to learn more about her work. We all know that the fashion industry can be quite problematic, especially wasteful, hyper-capitalist, sweatshop labours, etc etc. However, there are many designers out there who strive hard to fight against that system, Matilda is definitely one of them. When I hear about the story of how when she just started in London, she was homeless for months, living in her rickshaw at night, taking passengers on her bike during the day to get by. Her first design work were made inside her rickshaw, sourcing from all the bike tire tubes that were going into waste, she made her first collective from these wastes, turned them into beautiful design work. This is how she survived as a fashion designer in the beginning. I almost cried listening to this. 

All of her concepts really resonated with me, how she really pay attention to the material of the clothes, wanting buyers to really understand where the materials are coming from, to treasure them, not just to buy and throw them away when it’s out of the season. I got to see her works that were made from 35mm film wastes and even moss, to having cloth that produces oxygen, breathes with you and keeps you healthy. We also chatted about some new exciting projects, hope maybe the universe will put us together on a collaboration somehow, somewhere, with some meaningful things. I am so blessed and honoured to know a fashion designer like her. 

Of Our Eyes
edited and published by re:asian

Styling: Sam Lu
Models: Anchi Lin and Sammy Chien
Makeup artist: Carol Yuu Chen
Photography: Marchel Creative (Marchel B. Eang)

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