Marathassa Free Performance

This was a painful show but we’re doing it again! To stand against Kinder Morgan and the Trudeau government’s decision on using our tax dollar to purchase an old leaky pipeline that can potentially destroy our health and the environment.

Sammy will be performing as part of this outdoor activism-performance with Pressed Paradise and many amazing local artists to raise environmental awareness on issues of the big oil, corporate interest, corruption and greed.

Event details:
Time: 12:30 – 2PM.
Location: directly in front of the Cactus Club Restaurant at the entrance of English Bay.
Facebook event: click here

With the approval and on-going construction of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline the risk of an oil spill in the Inlet has shifted from the question of IF to WHEN? In response and support of the Protect The Inlet movement we are re-creating a durational movement piece with 16 performers in remembrance of ship MV Marathassa’s oil spill on April 9th 2015.

Performers explore the dangers of oil tankers in our waters and recall the sacred environment that was severely impacted by this event.

Created with: Pressed Paradise (Kelly McInnes, Arash Khakpour, Heather Lamoureux and Diego Romero) and Vines Art Festival
Originally Co-Created by June Fukumura and Heather Lamoureux

Kelly McInnes Arash Khakpour Heather Lamoureux Diego Romero Hayley’rose Gawthrop Cameron Sammy Chien Tin Gamboa Olivia J Shaffer Laura Avery Kimberly Ho Dario Giuseppe Dinuzzi Alisha Ahmadi, Justin Van, Maria Escola, Carmel Amit

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