Made In China on Halifax local press

Sammy Chien ‘s 3 year collaboration work with Wen Wei Dance, their remount of Made In China for Canada East Coast tour just opened last night in Halifax, they’re on the local press:…/made-in-china-celebrates-birth…

Wen Wei Wang has toured in Halifax 3 times already, the presenters loves to bring his work back. It’s been more than 10 years since Sammy has been back in Halifax, he’s returning to lots of memories from his teenage life that he spent in Nova Scotia.

Co-created and performed by Wen Wei Wang (Wen Wei Dance), Gao Yanjinzi (Artistic Director of the Beijing Modern Dance Company), Qiu Xia He(Silk Road Music 丝绸之路音乐团), and Sammy Chien (Chimerik 似不像)Lighting Design by Jonathan Kim.

presented by Live Art Dance

more info about the tour:

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