Last year today…

Last year today, I did a big ritual for myself with some of the most meaningful people to me in my life, to witness my transition to the next phase in life, and said goodbye to my 20s. I flipped thru my whole life of what I’ve done each year up till that day, weeping under the Blue Moon full moon out of joy, gratitude and the love of my life.

Today, I want nothing but being who I am, and appreciating what I have. I thought about maybe try to do something for my birthday, but then immediately, my intuition speaks–I don’t want anything more than what I already have. I really feel deeply of how lucky and how grateful I am, to where I am today, whom I’ve became today, what I have gotten thus far. I’m one lucky person.

I’m in Berlin city starting a residency, just finished a kickass workshop/conference and going to work with someone I dreamt of working with.. Got to bike around Berlin with some of the most important and significant people in my life. Before leaving Berlin, got to do one of the dream show/festivals, got a couple grants already soon after working madly hard writing them. Got wonderful people wanting to work with me, do documentary film on my work, people coming to the airport just to have meeting with me because that’s the only time slot I have left. I am one lucky being.

Today, I want to give and forgive, to receive humbly and gratefully, to share my love and positivity and show my appreciation to the world, and to you.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful wishes. I humbly received them with my arms wide open. Thank you everyone for all the love and support in my life.

Just when I was writing this, with this opened mindset… A wonderful  Berlin based German photographer asked me to take portray photos at this abandoned airport in Berlin called Tempelhof, the community voted to keep it as a massive outdoor free space. We shared some really beautiful time, connection and resonances there. Afterwards, I got invited by the friend who’s hosting me to bike there, in the dark.. As the magic hour sets and sky darkens, we were biking in this vastness almost a feeling of infinite horizon ahead of us. After floating through this massive airport in the dark, returning into the city just makes everything so glittering and sparkling. Quite a magical experience. I just like to share this, and one of the photo that the photographer quickly picked for us before midnight in Berlin. The best gifts are when you don’t ask for and don’t expect it, when you can let it go, and allow it to come to you, allow life to unfold at its utmost beauty.

Much Love and Blessings,


Photo credit: Lena Mucha

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  • Shelley Cox
    August 1, 2016 at 9:28 pm  - Reply

    Happy Birthday, Sammy, and thank you for this beautiful post!!!

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