Isadora Werkstatt 2019

Sammy Chien will present a new lecture, work-in-progress demo, and workshop discussion as part of the official international meeting of Isadora––the Isadora Werkstatt 2019 in Berlin.


This interdisciplinary, multidimensional journey with Isadora will be shared by Taiwanese-Canadian, queer, immigrant and interdisciplinary media/performance artist Sammy Chien. Sammy will showcase over a decade’s worth of research and work integrating Isadora with movement practice, energy/spiritual work, sociopolitical activism, and community engagement. Participants will see how Isadora interacts in various interdisciplinary settings, formats, and contexts less common to Eurocentric perceptions and practices of arts and technology. This can range from working with indigenous dance companies to incorporating Eastern spiritual practices, such as Qi Gong, as well as investigations into diaspora and decolonization. Sammy will touch upon projects ranging from grassroots, underground creations to commercial work, with a brand-new live demo of Sammy’s current research project/solo performance that utilizes skeleton tracking (controls sound, video and lights) to tell stories about ancient Chinese pictograms in relation to Shamanism, while also questioning sociopolitical power.

August, 17, 2019, 10am–1pm
Uferstudios (Studio 14)
Uferstraße 23, 13357, Berlin

TEACHER: Sammy Chien (Chimerik似不像) 
LEVEL: All levels are welcome. Everyone will get something from it!
REQUIREMENTS: No specific requirement. We encourage you to bring your heart and an open mind.
WHO MAY BE INTERESTED: Anyone with interest in movement, arts & technology, digital arts, media arts, contemporary dance, movement research, dance-tech, social activism, political work, topics of anti-racism, queer culture, QPOC community, spiritual practice, qi gong, Eastern movement practice, community building, alternative community engagement.

The fee for this particular event is by sliding-scale (5-25 Euro), or by donation, pay what you can, no one gets turned away. We want to ensure the event as accessible to everyone. You can get your tickets at the front desk of the Werkstatt at Uferstudio, staff from Troika Tronix can help you, front desk will open from 9:30 am. Contact if any questions. Sammy, or his project assistant, Andie, will respond ASAP.

For the rest of the Isadora Werkstatt, see

trailer for the work-in-progress demo

Words from Sammy:

I am back in Berlin for a lil dream-come-true project! I can’t believe I will be the instructor for Isadora Werkstatt 2019. This means that I will be sharing the stage with some of the most advanced and veteran Isadora teacher across the world, it’s a huge international step and significant recognition for me. It’s making my heart sing, I’m so stoked.

After a decade of working with this amazing audiovisual/interactive software dedicated for performance environment/live-setting, made by artist, for artist, with such amazing philosophy behind it—I can say that this software is much more than just a software for me, it has completely changed my life and my artist career. 

Usually you need to enrolled a pass to the symposium to attend the workshops, but since my talk is less focused on technical aspects but more about socio-political work, community building, cultural and spiritual value, Isadora is being very generous to open my event up for general public with just a small sliding-scale donation, please share with your friends in berlin who may be interested in this lecture/demo/workshop! Your donation will go towards Isadora, a community driven audiovisual/interactive software based in Berlin but inspiring artists around the world.

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