Indian Summer Festival 2018: Confluence

Just finished doing live visuals for Indian Summer Festival 2018: Confluence, and it was such a blessing to watch this come together. The performance, curation/programming and the vibe was so inspiring and meaningful. It’s one thing to do a great show, it’s another to do something truly meaningful for the community—POC artists doing kickass shows on stage, making it relevant and meaningful at the same time. These are the powerful new waves rising in the unceded land, decolonizing the Eurocentric system in such beautiful, powerful and exciting way. Bless.

Thank you Sirish and Jarrett for putting this on. Thank you Milton Lim and Andie Lloyd for helping out in the time of need. Thank you Vanessa Richards for hosting us post-show and to the beautiful new co-working space 312 Main.

Indian Summer Festival 2018: Confluence – Music, Poetry and Song – 2018/07/07 @ Imperial 

What does an interweaving of South Asian, Indigenous, Black, and Queer stories of love and resistance look like? What myths have we inherited that give rise to new imaginings of liberation? Confluence unfolds the stories we have always told, continue to tell, and those we have yet to speak into being, in the fight to envision new worlds.

Curated by Jarrett Martineau (Revolutions Per Minute)


• Acclaimed Anishinaabeg writer and musician Leanne Betasamosake Simpson (This Accident of Being Lost) with Juno-nominated cellist Cris Derksen, singer-songwriter Ansley Simpson and guitarist Nick Ferrio

• Caribbean-American poet and performer Aja-Monet (My Mother Was A Freedom Fighter)

• Too Attached (VIVEK SHRAYA and Shamik Bilgi) IN Magazine’s 2018 Canadian Artists To Watch

• Jhalaak, a new project by Juno award-winning sound designer adham shaikh, composer Rup Sidhu and members of Sufi music supergroup Rajasthan Josh

Live Visuals by Chimerik 似不像 (Sammy Chien with assistant VJ Andie Lloyd) in collaboration with the performers

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