HINKYPUNK @ PUSH Festival 2018

Sammy Chien’s new collaboration as lighting and media artist with Ralph Escamillan‘s new work HINKYPUNK for Club Push will be premiering in January 26th, 2018 as part of the PUSH International Performing Arts Festival 2018.

Striking, subversive and gorgeous to behold, Ralph Escamillan’s dance spectacular has its creator decked out in “sequin skin”—a layer of shiny ornamentation that serves to mask and reveal all at once. The skin conceals identity but expresses intent: to create a walking, breathing signifier. Drag, ballroom and vogue are subcultures that have allowed queer men to express themselves through artifice, and they’re a key inspiration for Escamillan. The HINKYPUNK is a camp cipher for audiences to contemplate—a mystery figure of liberation.

The beguiling figure performs on a pedestal—an object for our delight and our study. Everything is up for analysis in this show: the gaze, the body and the artifice with which we create ourselves. This is a sexy, stimulating work—an intellectual swoon.


2321 Main Street, Vancouver


January 26
45 minutes, no intermission


short teaser on CBC French ICI Colombie-Britannique / Yukon


Le festival Push de Vancouver qui présente des performances d'artistes internationaux est également une occasion pour certains talents locaux de présenter leur travail. Découvrez l'équipe de FakeKnot: Ralph Escamillan, Sammy Chien et Stefan Seslija qui présentent #HINKYPUNK. PuSh International Performing Arts Festival FakeKnot

Posted by ICI Colombie-Britannique / Yukon on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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