Happy Birthday Sophia!

I’ve secured a domain for my dear partner Sophia Wolfe, for her birthday, and made a small starter on the site as a taster.


I sincerely hope for her best with her artist career. She’s doing quite amazing with her talent, creative mind and beautiful soul. Yet, we all know that it isn’t an easy path for artist of any field, especially in dance. It will be a challenging but super exciting, inspiring and life-changing path. It took me many many years to get my butt on track to start building my online portfolio and presence where it’s nicely stored on a website, where people can always link to it, see what you’re up to and what you’ve done. It’s so important to the people out there who doesn’t know you yet. So i’m taking this first initiative to let you know about her and her growing, leaping and soon be soaring artistry.

last year, I’ve created a new media mashup video with the help from many of her dear friends, created by using algorithmic editing technique in new media software Isadora, all customized programming. To revisit this celebration online:

This year, my gift is to initiate a new beginning for a positive and creative new chapter, for the coming year that’s just around the corner. 2016 has been a hard year for many of us, many out there, politics, social change, disasters. We breathe and let go of the negativity, we acknowledge and stay aware off what’s happening, and we move forward with our mind, body, heart and soul at the fullest.

Best wishes.

With the personal love, the divine love and the big love,


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