Queer Arts Festival presents: Emerging Artists Program

Technology in the arts can provide us with incredible opportunities to take our creations to the next level. However, knowledge on how to use and install equipment can keep us from exploring and achieving the potential of our artistic visions. Workshops are FREE and available for all Queer and Allied Emerging Artists!

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Friday May 4
268 Keefer St.
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Sammy Chien is a queer identified interdisciplinary media artist/ the official selected mentor for the audiovisual performance software Isadora from the creator of the software Mark Coniglio.

Sammy conducts workshops on integrating new media technology and real-time audiovisual integration in performance environment such as dance/theatre/concerts and live events including interactive/ audio/video installations. The workshops touches on theoretical and aesthetics of media arts in relations interdisciplinary arts, from realism film, action painting to process based music to the development of realtime art: how does technology facilitate the way we create art? What are the dramaturgical perspectives on video projections? How does the role of arts and technology implicate with our artistic expression and our spiritual health? Sammy usually demonstrate sections of his media art performance works, and then conduct hands-on live audiovisual programming works with movement, lights, video and sound, as well as spiritual practice. In this particular workshop, we will focus on introducing audiovisual technologies and demonstrating it’s applications to inspire the participants’ creative possibilities working with sound, video and new media/technologies.

Sammy Chien 往常在工作坊致力於將新媒體科技和實時視聽技術移入表演情境(如舞蹈、戲劇、音樂會)和大型活動的互動性音頻視頻設備的使用之中。工作坊往常涉及與跨領域藝術相關的多種藝術的理論與美學研究,這其中涵蓋了從紀實電影、動態繪畫到過程音樂以及實時藝術的發展。而在這一過程中,藝術家往常會進一步說明技術是如何為藝術創作提供便利,以及從編劇的角度對視頻放映進行解析。在工作坊中,藝術家也帶來了他個人藝術表演的視頻片段,而參與者也將會在燈光、視頻與聲響中親自體驗舞蹈動作與之結合的魅力。此外,工作坊也將在藝術, 技術以及靈修概念視角之中對藝術表演中的跨領域方法進行重詮釋。這次的工作坊將會著重於蓋跨的介紹互動新媒體科技的應用方法。

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