Four Seasons After 37 Cycles

Sammy Chien’s short film “Four Seasons After 37 Cycles” and new writing piece is being published in BIPOC magazine Rungh. The film will be screened online for a limited period of time, after which only the writing and film excerpts will be published online. 

By invitation from Kinesis Dance and in collaboration with Chimerik似不像, Chien produced this film for the Pina Bausch Foundation, in honour of Pina’s legacy and 10-year memorial.

Sammy的微電影跟新寫的文章在Rungh雜誌出版了。電影的完整版會在網路上限定時間性的展出。 這個作品是獻給現代舞蹈之母/舞蹈的革命家碧娜·鮑許的十週年紀念。

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