feedback from viewers on Digital Carnival

After the show at the Digital Carnival, I’d like to share some of the feedback from the viewers that I engaged with.

So honoured that the legendary Taiwanese experimental electronic musician Sonic Deadhorse came to see my show, and gave such a compliment: “Coding, sensor tracking, sound, visual and movement, he managed to do it all by himself, demonstrates clear relationship between the body movement and feedback of interaction, it’s too bad that we didn’t get a chance to play together during this trip!”
Sonic Deadhorse is an award winning electronic musician/project who also does new media/live AV work and one of the biggest pusher in the underground culture and activism in Taiwan. His duo project 世外桃源樂團 Utopia Taiwan just performed in Vancouver. I was able to bring him to secret raves, forest dance parties and community street performance art events with baby dub hour in Vancouver, to show that we do have a great sense of underground/community arts & culture here as well. 

非常榮幸台灣的資深實驗電子音樂大師音速死馬(鄭各均)來觀看我的實驗表演,還po了這段video。對我來說是非常大的鼓勵。很開心最後一天時我能有機會帶他去秘密rave, 森林party跟可愛的社區封街表演藝術活動。期待我們的以後的合作!

See sonic Deadhorse’s posts with 2 videos posts here

Liane Payne, a long time local arts community supporter, arts manager, social activist wrote a really apt description on the performance.

“A peek into the interdisciplinary multimedia full sensory performance by Sammy Chien as featured artist of Your Kontinent 5th Annual Digital Carnival in Richmond. Sammy demonstrated complex interactive technology as he shared stories and insights about identity, racism, home, unceded territory, and spirituality. Such an inviting, stimulating platform. “

the day after my performance, I got an email from a lovely couple who are in their 70s wrote to me:

 “Your introductory reverence for the land and First Nations people was appreciated and inspiring.  Thank you! I believe your technology acumen and spiritual presence are on the leading edge of potential for tapping into the unseen world of energy that exists to support positive change for the earth…”

“…We live with gratitude for all the earth provides.  We accept human differences as gifts of creative expression and know equality is achieved through fearlessness.”

This is one of the best surprise gifts that I can get from doing public performances, to communicate our vision, philosophy and spirits through the language of art, the tool of new media, through the body, voice and presence, and in tern, to connect, to resonate, to reverberate with likeminded people, to influence and plant seeds to the general audiences.


Vancouver’s veteran media artist/mentor/performer Brady Marks personally gave me a congrats on my work, and said that usually we as media artists tend to hide our technology as if it’s our secrets and tricks that we cannot reveal to the audiences, but I almost did the opposite way, to really explain how the technology works and level myself down with the audiences and share my art with them. Brady thought it was quite a successful and risk taking step as a media artist that I’ve taken on. This means a lot to me, as Brady has mentored me 7 years ago on visual programming, and she was one of the first artist that brought me into the VJ scene.


Right after the show,  a young man came up to me and told me that he really enjoyed the show, and he is also an immigrant just moved here 2 years ago, going to high school at the moment. He said he has never seem anything like this and asked me about his future direction for school and work. He’s sisters also came up to us as well, since they all want to be in the arts and design world but unsure about its practicality, I really encourage them to follow their dream and how we create our reality, we can change the world. They said, “no one has ever said this kind of thing to us before!” and seemed very inspired with shinning lights on their face. I am just really happy that my work can speak to the younger generation, especially those who may face the same hardship as what I did in the past.

photo with the young immigrants from Indonesia, they’re the future artists & designers

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