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感謝起點網路雜誌KEEDAN.com的專訪!今年夏天時, 雜誌編輯Lucille Liu特別從義大利米蘭飛到德國柏林來專訪我在Lake Studios Berlin跟House of North (Fubbi Karlsson)的駐村研究計畫。以及我個人的新作W(e)aves熾, 還有我的團隊Chimerik 似不像以及許多陳年的理念。 很榮幸有機會提到了很多合作的好朋友,Kazuma Glen Motomura, 林辰Chen LinMica雲母 還有帶我長大的Troika Ranch/Isadora。往常的專訪都比較制式化,很少有像Lucille這樣的用心,做了這麼多功課這麼了解專訪的對象,我非常感動。這算是我第一個在中文雜誌中的深度專訪,希望藉這個機緣能跟離鄉背井我,跟我的家鄉語言的世界重新連結,分享,感謝。

I’m so happy to be featured on Taiwanese magazine Keedan Mag! It’s one of the first article in Chinese that’s written so in-depth about my work! Earlier this Summer, the editor flew in from Milan to interview me in Berlin during my residency in House of North and Lake Studio Berlin, also talked about my current solo project W(e)aves熾 as well as my collective Chimerik似不像. So honoured to get to mention quite a few friends Kazuma Motomura, Lin Chen, mica 雲母 and Troika Ranch/Isadora. It’s rare to see the editor/interviewer to really have done their research and know so much about your work, so their writing is not just information but really in depth dialogue and insights of your work and vision. I’m really moved. I see this as a beautiful opportunity and fate for me to reconnect with the readers of my motherland, the other side of the earth who reads and speak such beautiful language. 

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Thank you to editor Lucille Liu from Keedan Mag flew in from Italy to interview me about my project in Berlin. I feel so touched that she did so much preparation and research about my work, and came all the way from Milan to do photo shoot on film camera and write about my work. I shared lots of artistic concept, tech knowledge, sociopolitical views and spiritual philosophies during our meetings in House of North and Lake Studio Berlin.

It’s amazing how the universe flows in ways that brings people together with ineffable magic. Not only I got to share my views and my art, I got to meet another creative and spiritually awaken being. Lucille and I unexpectedly dived into deep conversations on race/gender politics, spirituality and metaphysics. I feel that on this plane, I’m the learner and she’s the teacher, our gender, age and roles started to dismantle, melt and morph into new relations. It was very humbling and inspiring! I just love when I meet younger generations who seems to admire my work, yet when I meet them, I feel that they are even more inspiring than myself, and I ended up feeling even more hopeful for the future generations.

Thank you Lucille and Keedan Mag for this wonderful visit. I look forward to share the edition when it’s out 🙂 (sneak peak of some photos from Lucille’s film camera and some are snap shots from Lin Chen during our photo shoot)


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