Dancers of Damelahamid: Mînowin at the Banff Centre

So honoured to work at the Banff Centre again. For this project I am part of an Indigenous Arts residency program with Vancouver’s indigenous dance company Dancers of Damelahamid.  We are continuing to develop a new work called Mînowin. I’m so happy that my skill-set in technology is being used to support traditional-ancestral storytelling, such as IR motion tracking for indigenous rituals and real-time reactive video of the West Coast design.

We have a work-in-progress showing at the Banff Centre’s Margaret Greenham Theatre on May 23rd at 2:30pm.

Dancers of Damelahamid: Mînowin

Mînowin illuminates the process of finding direction. It is an exploration and understanding of organic moments when we connect with one another. These moments breathe life into our artistic practices and allow for critical experimentation in a performative space. 

By integrating narrative, movement, song, performance, and new multimedia design, Mînowin connects landscapes and Coastal form with contemporary perspectives of customary Indigenous dance forms. The Dancers of Damelahamid aim to achieve this by drawing from origin stories and exploring ways to translate this through a contemporary lens.

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A few sneak peak of the creation process:
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