Crossing Mountains & Seas 穿越山海經

I’ve been working on “Crossing Mountains & Seas 穿越山海經” as a the Co-creator and Director of Media Arts. It’s a pretty epic interdisciplinary performance with live music, aerial and contemporary dance as well as new media projection. The work was inspired by an ancient East Asian text Shan Hai Jing (山海經) and contemporary video game culture. It touches on sociopolitical issues such as racism, sexism and diasporas.

How does Shang Hai Jing embrace ambiguity and limitless imagination to remind us of the Westernization of ideology and colonization that dominates the system of our modern culture? How do the intersections of race and gender politics collide to create a hybrid creature that tells stories of imagination, isolation and romance.

Crossing Mountains & Seas 穿越山海經
July 20th, 2019, 8pm @The Playhouse, Vancouver

Media Arts & Lights: Chimerik 似不像

Sammy Chien, Director of Media Arts
Shang-Han Chien, Art Director
Ivan So, Graphic Artist
Jonathan Kim, Lighting Designer
Andie Lloyd, Lighting Design Associate, Assistant Video Design & Dialogue Editor
Jake Geun Uoo Kim, Sound Designer, Production Assistant, Video operation/program assistant
Rashi Sethi, Graphic Design Assistant
Henry Ruohao Wu, Assistant Writing Editor
Andy Lee, UI Design Adviser

Original painting of Shan Hai Jing Characters by Li Tung 董籬 (Guest Artists)

Co-creators: Lan Tung 董籃, Julia Taffe, Sammy Chien 簡上翔, and Chengxin Wei 魏成欣
Produced by Orchid Ensemble 蘭韻樂團
Vertical Dance Artists, Creative Design & Safety Management: Aeriosa Dance Society 
Alex Tam 谭達文, Thoenn Glover, & Cara Siu (Dancers)
Production Manager: Chengyan Boon
Set Design: Khan Lee
Costume Design: Chandra Krown

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