Berlin Lake Residency

After getting off the plane, I biked to do Qi gong on this massive beach in The Hague, Rotterdam. Visited 2 art centres, V2 and the WORM, and had a fantastic meeting with the composer of Frankfurt Ballet in Amsterdam. Looking forward to doing lots more research with Shanti in upcoming projects 🙂 #netherlands #rotterdam #thehague #amsterdam #research #visit


Can’t believe I just had a meeting with Peaches, whom I respect so much for the past decade of radical progressive feminist work and dope electronic music! It’s one thing to have an amazing reputation out there in the world. It’s another thing to be a wonderful and down-to-earth human in person. Peaches is both. Loved her energy and never-ending inspirations for the world. Thank you Fubbi for the connection, one love to HoN房子北.

Looking forward to her upcoming project. 我暴力跟Peaches在柏林開會,世界有名的音樂人/表演者, 本人卻是這麼的親切近人 <3


So amazing to see the audio-laser master Robin Fox again after 8 years!!! Last time I got to share the stage with him in Vancouver New Music‘s festival when I was just starting as an audiovisual artist. He was the first artist who inspired me to work with fog and projection, using light to slice through space and sculpt the textures of smoke in real-time. It’s evident in my early work Testone 1.0 in 2011.

I would like to pay respect to this master. He hasn’t changed at all in 8 years, still making breathtaking and mesmerizing work.

Lovely to know that he’s coming back for Vancouver New Music festival this year in the fall again
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Had such a wonderful meeting with the @troikatronix_isadora Isadora team in Berlin, and look, it’s the actual and physical office of Isadora! The software that has changed my life over the past decade. I finally got to visit the office physically, meeting the little team who’s worked so hard behind the scenes, serving artist communities around the world. We talked about next steps, expansion and spreading the love even more globally. Look out for the exciting new version and news, making Isadora more accessible for people. Share the love and creativity!

#isadora #mediaarts #newmedia #software #dance #performance #theatre #audiovisual Was sooooo lovely to catch up with Mark @pitches.pixels.ones.zeros after 2 years! ❤️ one of the most inspiring and special mentor in my life.


Thank you to the editor of Keedan Mag, Lucille Liu, who flew in from Italy to interview me about my project in Berlin. I felt so touched that she did so much preparation and research about my work, and came all the way from Milan to do photo shoot on film camera and write about my work. I shared lots of artistic concept, tech knowledge, sociopolitical views and spiritual philosophies during our meetings in House of North and Lake Studio Berlin.

It’s amazing how the universe flows in ways that brings people together with ineffable magic. Not only did I get to share my views and my art, I got to meet another creative and spiritually awaken being. Lucille and I unexpectedly dived into deep conversations on race/gender politics, spirituality and metaphysics. I feel that on this plane, I’m the learner and she’s the teacher, our gender, age and roles started to dismantle, melt and morph into new relations. It was very humbling and inspiring! I just love when I meet younger generations who seems to admire my work, yet when I meet them, I feel that they are even more inspiring than myself. I end up feeling even more hopeful for future generations.
Thank you Lucille and Keedan Mag for this wonderful visit. I look forward to share the edition when it’s out 🙂 (sneak peak of some photos from Lucille’s film camera and some are snap shots from Lin Chen during our photo shoot)
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It’s been quite emotional for me being back to Lake Studio Berlin after 2 years, so much has happened. I’m looking forward to share my work here again, returning to the source of this piece.
I’m having a work-in-progress showing at Lake Studios Berlin this Friday, if you’re in Berlin, please come join us, would love to have your feedback on my work.
This particular research phase includes research collaborators Kazuma Glen Motomura & Chen Lin, a brand new score from my heartfelt soulmate long time collaborating musician Michael Red and one of my fav pieces from the electroacoustic music pioneer Barry Truax.
I want to thank Mark Coniglio/ Isadora and Fubbi Karlsson/House of North for being the incredibly inspiring, masterminds behind this technology and for their love and kindness.

Sammy Chien will be sharing his work-in-progress W(e)aves 0.5 at the Lake Studio Berlin, as part of the artist-in-residency program Dance-Tech AIR @ Lake Studio Berlin.
2018/08/31 8pm
Lake Studio Berlin
Scharnweberstraße 27, 12587 Berlin

W(e)aves 0.5 (work-in-progress) by Sammy Chien
W(e)aves is an ongoing research-creation of a solo performance work that investigates migration, race politics, transcultural identity, queerness and spiritual philosophies using digital technologies, audiovisuals, text, contemporary dance, and qi-gong. This particular research phase is joined by research collaborators Kazuma Glen Motomura本村一真/bodypoet体詩人 (Berlin based half Japanese Half South African dance artist who’s the champion of London Juste Debout 2018) and Lin, Chen林辰 (Beijing based Chinese Choreographer who’s work was part of Beijing Olympic 2008) focusing on street dance, Eastern movement vocabularies, Shamanism and Ancient Chinese pictograms in relation to current sociopolitical context.…/ #berlin #dance #newmedia #tech #dancetech #residency #projection 柏林表演


Wow, I’m so grateful to have completed 2 residencies, 1 showing in Berlin, plus a research visit at the Hague + millions of events and lovely people in between.

I want to thank BC Arts Council for supporting this trip. A big thank you to House of North and Lake Studio Berlin for hosting my research/residency, thank you to research collaborators Kazuma Glen Motomura and Lin Chen (who flew in all the way from Beijing). Thank you Lena Mucha, Janina and Yao Liao for saving our butts. Thank you Shanti Ganesh for hosting my research visit in the Hague. Thank you to Mark Coniglio/Isadora Creator for his generous support on this project since 2 years ago. Thank you Lucille Liu, the editor from Keedan Mag flew in all the way from Milan to interview me. Thank you to the artist communities in Berlin for their creativity and support.

W(e)aves 0.5 was a success, completed as part of the artist-in-residency program Dance-Tech AIR @ Lake Studio Berlin. Will keep you informed about its future sharing. In the mean time, look out September 27th for my new co-creation dance performance work in Vancouver with Dong Mei, presented by New Works.

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