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For over a year, I’ve been working on “Mînowin”, a new work by Dancers of Damelahamid, a Canadian Indigenous contemporary dance company. We began workshopping with an infrared sensor for motion-tracking and creation of interactive media that supports important treasures of traditional stories passed on by elders through generations. It has been an absolute honour working on this project. After months on tour around...

Isadora Werkstatt 2019

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Sammy Chien will present a new lecture, work-in-progress demo, and workshop discussion as part of the official international meeting of Isadora––the Isadora Werkstatt 2019 in Berlin. WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? INTERDISCIPLINARY AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL JOURNEY WITH ISADORA: WORKING WITH TECHNOLOGY AS A SOCIOPOLITICAL, TRANS-CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL FAMILY  This interdisciplinary, multidimensional journey with Isadora will be shared by Taiwanese-Canadian, queer, immigrant and interdisciplinary media/performance artist Sammy...

Revolver Taipei

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我們很榮幸能再次跟音速死馬&謝明諺同台, 這次還加上了未合作過的組合—劇場有名的黃思農一起即興演出。在台北的Revolver! 希望在台北的朋友們能來,尤其是喜愛實驗音樂/聲響的朋友們。 2F漫遊 Second floor Roaming vol.4-Revolver Presents 非/密閉空間 1月22號 (二) 9pm @ Revolver Sammy Chien will be playing with the legendary indie/electronic musician Sonic Deadhorse 音速死馬 鄭各均 and the craziest experimental jazz musicians in Taiwan— Min-Yen Terry Hsiehi 謝明諺 once again, this time, with 黃思農 who’s a big name in the theatre scene in Taiwan, improv erhu. At the indexical bar/club/live house venue Revolver. We look forward to the magic.  Jan...

Featured in Keedan Magazine

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感謝起點網路雜誌KEEDAN.com的專訪!今年夏天時, 雜誌編輯Lucille Liu特別從義大利米蘭飛到德國柏林來專訪我在Lake Studios Berlin跟House of North (Fubbi Karlsson)的駐村研究計畫。以及我個人的新作W(e)aves熾, 還有我的團隊Chimerik 似不像以及許多陳年的理念。 很榮幸有機會提到了很多合作的好朋友,Kazuma Glen Motomura, 林辰Chen Lin, Mica雲母 還有帶我長大的Troika Ranch/Isadora。往常的專訪都比較制式化,很少有像Lucille這樣的用心,做了這麼多功課這麼了解專訪的對象,我非常感動。這算是我第一個在中文雜誌中的深度專訪,希望藉這個機緣能跟離鄉背井我,跟我的家鄉語言的世界重新連結,分享,感謝。 I’m so happy to be featured on Taiwanese magazine Keedan Mag! It’s one of the first article in Chinese that’s written so in-depth about my work! Earlier this Summer, the editor flew in from Milan to interview me in Berlin during my residency in House of North and Lake...

Berlin Lake Residency

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After getting off the plane, I biked to do Qi gong on this massive beach in The Hague, Rotterdam. Visited 2 art centres, V2 and the WORM, and had a fantastic meeting with the composer of Frankfurt Ballet in Amsterdam. Looking forward to doing lots more research with Shanti in upcoming projects :) #netherlands #rotterdam #thehague #amsterdam #research #visit   Can't believe I just had a...

Unfinished Friday @ Lake Studio Berlin

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Unfinished Friday @ Lake Studio Berlin Sammy Chien will be sharing his work-in-progress W(e)aves 0.5 at the Lake Studio Berlin, as part of the artist-in-residency program Dance-Tech AIR @ Lake Studio Berlin. Date: 
 August 31, 2018 @ 8pm Address: 
 Lake Studio Berlin Scharnweberstraße 27, 12587 Berlin https://www.lakestudiosberlin.com/current W(e)aves 0.5 (work-in-progress) by Sammy Chien W(e)aves is an ongoing research-creation of a solo performance work that investigates migration, race politics, transcultural identity, queerness and spiritual...

Moving Stories Behind Eco-Fashion Brand TildArt

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I got to meet up with Matilda who’s the designer/founder of TildArt, a London fashion brand that focuses on reuse, recycle and revive materials that often just becomes wastes. For those of you have seen my modelling photos, her work has been featured in my past photo shoots, some of my favourite garments and the best money that I’ve spent on. I met Matilda...

Trip to Leeds, UK March 2018

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Sammy was in Leeds and England in March performing in two shows as part of the Sounds Like This Festival. He had an incredible time connecting with new and existing networks and performing with a slew of extremely talented artists! Check out this timeline below of his experiences as part of the festival. January 16 - received his first promo on Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/p/BeBMbtggEKZ/?taken-by=soar55 March 14 - had only...

Taipei 101

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In February, Sammy visited Taiwan to put together the Taipei 101 project. When the following Instagram post was shared, he had just finished the final testing. The project was an outdoor projection mapping interactive installation. Taipei 101 was launched in collaboration with Chimerik Collective and Megacosm and was presented by Unolab. Enjoy some video footage and photos from the project through Sammy's Instagram...