Indian Summer Festival 2018: Confluence – 2018/07/07

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Just finished doing live visuals for Indian Summer Festival 2018: Confluence, and it was such a blessing to watch this come together. The performance, curation/programming and the vibe was so inspiring and meaningful. It's one thing to do a great show, it's another to do something truly meaningful for the community—POC artists doing kickass shows on stage, making it relevant and meaningful at the...

Community Formed from Displacement

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After I flew into Nainaimo and did our first day of tech at the Port Theatre for The Sun and the Moon, I went to get some groceries to make dinner at the condo I’m staying at. I walked by the this Tent City thing, which seemed similar to what has been going on in the DTES but with a much higher concentration in...

The Sun and the Moon – July 5, 9 & 11

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Sammy's new video/projection design work for dance with Chimerik 似不像 (with design assistant Kimia Koochakzadeh), we premiere the work on July 5th in Nanaimo and then we're back in Vancouver for Dancing on the Edge Festival July 9 & 11, 2018. The Sun and the Moon Development, choreography and direction by Holly Bright based on a story of the same name by Snuneymuxw author, Celestine Aleck. Co-created...

Proximity Remix at the Queer Arts Festival, June 26 & 26

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Proximity Remix opened last night at the Queer Arts Festival! MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society, has been working on the concept of this project for half a decade. Each project invites new LGBTQ2+ identified youth participants to workshop and create a performance based on their stories. As the project evolves, they are turning the dialogue from gender politics and integrating racism and other social issues as...

Camera Obscura (Hungry Ghosts) June 20 – 23

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I’ve waited a while to post about this project because the weight and significance of it is so tremendous. I wanted to focus all my energy on preparing for the show. The show has finally opened, beautifully and successfully. I’m so happy to finally announce this big, heavy project about this super important, pioneer in the artist community, whose work touches on issues of...

W(e)aves 0.3 Completion

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I’ve completed my first solo research-creation phase for W(e)aves, with version 0.3 beta 1, 2 & 3 presented. In this 2.5 weeks research phase, I’ve got to do a residency at Centre A & Left of Main and got to perform at Vancouver Art Gallery’s big art auction and Pretty Good Not Bad Festival in Victoria. I feel really blessed, honoured and accomplished. I...


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I’ve been working hard and stayed a bit low-key on this in the last little while, but finally I’m happy to announce that I’m the inaugural artist-in-residence at Centre A’s new media gallery, I will have a sharing of my research-creation on May 16th 5:30pm at Centre A. Event details: Wednesday May 16th, 2018 5:30pm Centre A (268 Keefer St.) Event link Also, I have just performed in front of...


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Queer Arts Festival presents: Emerging Artists Program Technology in the arts can provide us with incredible opportunities to take our creations to the next level. However, knowledge on how to use and install equipment can keep us from exploring and achieving the potential of our artistic visions. Workshops are FREE and available for all Queer and Allied Emerging Artists! Event Details: Friday May 4 3-5pm 268 Keefer St. Event Facebook Event Sammy...

Speaking with Backstage Academy Students

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What an amazing start of my UK trip, I got invited to speak for the students at the Backstage Academy, the secrete weapon of numerous huge celebrities/big productions. I got to see the first prototype of the set design  from Tomorrow Land, and that’s just one of the millions big projects they do. After I learnt about who I will be talking to, I realized...

Taipei 101

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In February, Sammy visited Taiwan to put together the Taipei 101 project. When the following Instagram post was shared, he had just finished the final testing. The project was an outdoor projection mapping interactive installation. Taipei 101 was launched in collaboration with Chimerik Collective and Megacosm and was presented by Unolab. Enjoy some video footage and photos from the project through Sammy's Instagram...