Becoming Chimera on newspaper in Taiwan

Media Presence, News
Revisiting an old press on Becoming Chimera (2012), an interdisciplinary experimental new media performance, that was on the newspaper in Taiwan on 2015/03/13, one of my first work that was on the news in Taiwan. Involving live visuals, live electroacoustic/experimental music, contemporary dance/movements and new media. The performers improvise with instructions of specific signs and rules that's conducted or by aleatoric algorithm of the computer, or...

on Tokyo News 東京新聞

Activism/Social Change, Interdisciplinary Performance, Media Presence, New Media, News
東京新聞のりました!! スポンサーに牛耳られずに誠実に社会批判や原発批判をして人のためになってる東京新聞すきです。これからも偽りの「和」でなく真実を追求していってください。 作品のメッセージが広まりますように!スペースをこころよく使わせてくれたマスマスさんに多大なる感謝!すばらしいスタッフさんが働いています。   Congrats to Sammy Chien's first media presence in Japan! on Tokyo News! (Tokyo Shimbun東京新聞). So nice to see such influential media in Japan actually act take the medium of journalism/news/media as an active voice to deliver to the people despite the pressure from the government about the taboos. These are our common beliefs. It was perfect that they interviewed these progressive artists on their...

Artist profile on CBC

Dance, Interdisciplinary Performance, Media Presence, News
/by So honoured to be on Canadian national television CBC! So blessed to have the opportunity to share some of the research, art, performance and process in the past years in interdisciplinary art, performance and technology. Still lots of visions and voices that I love to share with the world, relates to sociopolitical ideology, equality, queerness, humanity and spirituality, this is a good start, i'm so...

opening performance for 2016 Taiwan Best Design 100 with Lim Giong 林強

Inspiring People, Media Presence, New Media, News
After years of patience with fate, I finally got to work with one of hero Lim Giong 林強 aka Lin Chiang, a musician, DJ, songwriter, composer, music producer, music director, actor, and an active figure on the Taiwanese experimental electronic music scene, the composer of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s films (Millennium Mambo: 千禧曼波, Goodbye South, Goodbye: 南國再見,南國, The Assassin: 聶隱娘...etc) and numerous awards winner (Cannes Film...

Made In China on Halifax local press

Media Presence, News
Sammy Chien 's 3 year collaboration work with Wen Wei Dance, their remount of Made In China for Canada East Coast tour just opened last night in Halifax, they're on the local press:…/made-in-china-celebrates-birth… Wen Wei Wang has toured in Halifax 3 times already, the presenters loves to bring his work back. It's been more than 10 years since Sammy has been back in Halifax, he's...

Co-op Radio CFRO on Digital Carnival

Media Presence
Listen to our interview by Brit Bachmann on Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO 100.5FM Make A Better World, on the upcoming performance/event in 5th Annual Digital Carnival organized by Cinevolution Media Arts and curated by Wynne Palmer as part of Richmond World Festival 2016. I talked about my trip in Berlin attending Isadora Werkstatt, working with the creator of this innovative/artist driven software Isadora - Mark Coniglio and doing residency at...

On Global News for BLM movement

Activism/Social Change, Media Presence
So honoured that Global News added my voice in Black Lives Matter vigil in Vancouver AGL & BLM Vigil: Alton Sterling & Philando Castile organized by Black Lives Matter - Vancouver, BC. It was such a beautiful and powerful gathering of people who are waking up to this important issue. With our true heart and soul, the power of humanism, we can make positive...