Caroline MacCaull: Interdisciplinary degree sets dance grad on unique artistic path

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So proud of Caroline MacCaull being featured on SFU News! Such a wonderful interview written by the lovely Tessa Perkins Deneault.  I am so moved to read this, we really have been doing so much work together and it’s been tremendous growth on all sides.  I’ve been trying to find balance on how much I mentor/teach/facilitate and how much I put into my own work, but the goal is...

Solidification ᒪᔥᑲᐗᒋ 凝

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Gizhiiwe (GIH-she-way) is excited to premiere this stunning audiovisual poem, collaboration between Leanne Betasamosake Simpson and her recent single "Solidification" with the truly incredible visual work from Chimerik 似不像 Collective featuring Lead Media Artist Sammy Chien. Leanne recently released an EP with Gizhiiwe Noopiming Sessions in connection with her new book Noopiming: The Cure for White Ladies released on House of Anansi Press. The project will...


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The show that was postponed due to the pandemic is officially moved to online!  As part of VIDF (Vancouver International Dance Festival). So I'm remounting this collab that I started in late 2017, which was premiered in PUSH festival 2018 @pushfestival, It involves pretty heavy hitting DIY high-tech stuff,  one of my first work that brings hologram video and interactive lighting all in one...


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I got to catch the show MadHouse re:exit, when I was in London, in one of the most hipster/artsy neighbourhood in London—Shoreditch. I was invited by Lesley Ewen who’s a theatre director and one of the co-creator of the work. The show  is an interactive theatre that focuses on the discussion revolving disabilities, it immediately drawn me from the very beginning. I’ve been to...

Speaking with Backstage Academy Students

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What an amazing start of my UK trip, I got invited to speak for the students at the Backstage Academy, the secrete weapon of numerous huge celebrities/big productions. I got to see the first prototype of the set design  from Tomorrow Land, and that’s just one of the millions big projects they do. After I learnt about who I will be talking to, I realized...

Teaching projection/media design at SFU

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I just finished teaching a 3 day intensive sessions on projection/media design for SFU students, within 3 days, these students learnt how to do basic projection mapping, use still images and videos to add textures and transform projection surfaces/real world objects, using multiple live camera  and wireless cameras to feed into their mapped frames, creating an illusion of window looking into another reality. By the...

W(e)aves 0.2 at MOA

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Sammy Chien will be presenting his work-in-progress work at the MOA in Vancouver Oct 6th, 2017, a work that investigates migration, race & gender politics, transcultural identity and spiritual philosophies using digital technologies, audiovisuals, text, contemporary dance, and qi-gong.   Friday, October 6 | 8:30 pm Tickets: $25 (on sale soon) What is the language of movement, light, and sound? Join us for a special evening of live...

Eclipse: Total Alignment

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Sammy Chien will be performing a brand new work at the planetarium in H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, choreographing a dance trio performed by Kelly McInnes, Sophia Wolfe and himself,  programming reactive lights & composing electroacoustic sound + live music by Brady Marks & Maren Lisac Aug 17th Thursday 7:30pm & 9pm Eclipse: Total Alignment presented by Curiosity Colliderr and the H.R.MacMillan Space Centre Art and Science Explore the...

03/11 @ Rhythm Alley (Taipei)

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improvised experimental performance: experimental jazz, live electronics/ electroacoustic, movement art, conceptual, new media— one night of play time in Taipei I feel so lucky to get booked to play with some of the craziest and most veteran musicians in Taiwan: Sonic Deadhorse, Min-Yen Terry Hsieh, Shih-Yang Lee, I actually REALLY love their work. first time improvising with Sophia Wolfe (FORM Festival of Recorded Movement /Company 605) Sonic...

on Tokyo News 東京新聞

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東京新聞のりました!! スポンサーに牛耳られずに誠実に社会批判や原発批判をして人のためになってる東京新聞すきです。これからも偽りの「和」でなく真実を追求していってください。 作品のメッセージが広まりますように!スペースをこころよく使わせてくれたマスマスさんに多大なる感謝!すばらしいスタッフさんが働いています。   Congrats to Sammy Chien's first media presence in Japan! on Tokyo News! (Tokyo Shimbun東京新聞). So nice to see such influential media in Japan actually act take the medium of journalism/news/media as an active voice to deliver to the people despite the pressure from the government about the taboos. These are our common beliefs. It was perfect that they interviewed these progressive artists on their...