Gifts of Wisdom for 2021

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Gifts of wisdom for 2021, birth of guru & spiritual energy in technology In celebration for my dearest mentor who just turned 60 today and to the challenging year that we just made through 2020, I made a little gift of some strange stories and discoveries that I’d love to share with y’all—the wisdom from the universe that potentially is channeled through creative humans, implemented...

Guest Lecturing at USC’s Dance & New Media Class

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I'm very honoured to announce that I will be guest lecturing for USC’s Dance and New Media class (University of Southern California), in the department that William Forsythe co-founded! I will be touching on dance technology, in relationship to sociopolitical context and spirituality, as well as the visions behind Chimerik 似不像 Collective 我們很榮幸Sammy被邀請在USC南加大的威廉·福賽斯創建的舞蹈系當新媒體舞蹈課的講師, 好開心新年一開始就有這麼開心的消息 (those of you who don’t know @troikadawn and @troikatronix_isadora do check it out!) I just had...

Caroline MacCaull

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So proud of Caroline MacCaull being featured on SFU News! Such a wonderful interview written by the lovely Tessa Perkins Deneault.  I am so moved to read this, we really have been doing so much work together and it’s been tremendous growth on all sides.  I’ve been trying to find balance on how much I mentor/teach/facilitate and how much I put into my own work, but the goal is...

Camera Obscura (Hungry Ghosts)

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I’ve waited a while to post about this project because the weight and significance of it is so tremendous. I wanted to focus all my energy on preparing for the show. The show has finally opened, beautifully and successfully. I’m so happy to finally announce this big, heavy project about this super important, pioneer in the artist community, whose work touches on issues of...

Open Letter to the Vancouver Art Gallery

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I wrote a letter to the Vancouver Art Gallery after attending an art tour in Mandarin Chinese for the Takashi Murakami show, I thought this letter might just be read by their costumer service, or might not even make it to anyone— I can’t believe that in the end, not only they read it so carefully, the letter even went viral in the VAG...

Moving Stories Behind Eco-Fashion Brand TildArt

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I got to meet up with Matilda who’s the designer/founder of TildArt, a London fashion brand that focuses on reuse, recycle and revive materials that often just becomes wastes. For those of you have seen my modelling photos, her work has been featured in my past photo shoots, some of my favourite garments and the best money that I’ve spent on. I met Matilda...

Art that can change the world可改變世界的表演

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I just sat in a dress rehearsal of an experimental physical theatre piece performed and created by mostly people with physical disabilities, it was one of the most powerful performance I've seem in a long long time. I started bawling within 10 min into the show, I highly recommend anyone in taiwan to come see this piece, and I hope to find ways to...

opening performance for 2016 Taiwan Best Design 100 with Lim Giong 林強

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After years of patience with fate, I finally got to work with one of hero Lim Giong 林強 aka Lin Chiang, a musician, DJ, songwriter, composer, music producer, music director, actor, and an active figure on the Taiwanese experimental electronic music scene, the composer of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s films (Millennium Mambo: 千禧曼波, Goodbye South, Goodbye: 南國再見,南國, The Assassin: 聶隱娘...etc) and numerous awards winner (Cannes Film...