Open Letter to the Vancouver Art Gallery

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I wrote a letter to the Vancouver Art Gallery after attending an art tour in Mandarin Chinese for the Takashi Murakami show, I thought this letter might just be read by their costumer service, or might not even make it to anyone— I can’t believe that in the end, not only they read it so carefully, the letter even went viral in the VAG...


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I got to catch the show MadHouse re:exit, when I was in London, in one of the most hipster/artsy neighbourhood in London—Shoreditch. I was invited by Lesley Ewen who’s a theatre director and one of the co-creator of the work. The show  is an interactive theatre that focuses on the discussion revolving disabilities, it immediately drawn me from the very beginning. I’ve been to...

Trip to Leeds, UK March 2018

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Sammy was in Leeds and England in March performing in two shows as part of the Sounds Like This Festival. He had an incredible time connecting with new and existing networks and performing with a slew of extremely talented artists! Check out this timeline below of his experiences as part of the festival. January 16 - received his first promo on Twitter: March 14 - had only...

feedback from viewers on Digital Carnival

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After the show at the Digital Carnival, I'd like to share some of the feedback from the viewers that I engaged with. So honoured that the legendary Taiwanese experimental electronic musician Sonic Deadhorse came to see my show, and gave such a compliment: “Coding, sensor tracking, sound, visual and movement, he managed to do it all by himself, demonstrates clear relationship between the body movement and...