Letter to the City Council of Vancouver

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Below is a speech that I gave to the City Council of Vancouver during the council meeting of Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities on April 3, 2019, specifically for the 2019 Cultural Grants Allocations (Operating/Annual/Projects/Capacity) live audio recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/smhv0frnq2bfhzm/20190402%20sammy%20city%20council%20speech-trimmed.mp3?dl=0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Sammy Chien, I am a Vancouver based interdisciplinary artist. I am also the artistic director of Chimerik 似不像 collective. I was...

Marathassa Free Performance

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This was a painful show but we’re doing it again! To stand against Kinder Morgan and the Trudeau government’s decision on using our tax dollar to purchase an old leaky pipeline that can potentially destroy our health and the environment. Sammy will be performing as part of this outdoor activism-performance with Pressed Paradise and many amazing local artists to raise environmental awareness on issues of...

Open Letter to the Vancouver Art Gallery

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I wrote a letter to the Vancouver Art Gallery after attending an art tour in Mandarin Chinese for the Takashi Murakami show, I thought this letter might just be read by their costumer service, or might not even make it to anyone— I can’t believe that in the end, not only they read it so carefully, the letter even went viral in the VAG...

Creative Activism with the Coast Protectors

Activism/Social Change, Arts Community
Sammy joined a creative activism protest with an amazing group of artists and the water protectors, He processed the heavy but super important subject by writing them bit by bit. We invite you to hear him out and share their experiences with your communities. These are very important, humane and personal informations. In the mean time, Sammy encourages you to go to the Protect...


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I got to catch the show MadHouse re:exit, when I was in London, in one of the most hipster/artsy neighbourhood in London—Shoreditch. I was invited by Lesley Ewen who’s a theatre director and one of the co-creator of the work. The show  is an interactive theatre that focuses on the discussion revolving disabilities, it immediately drawn me from the very beginning. I’ve been to...

photo on Leadnow.ca

Activism/Social Change, Media Presence
my photo with Lexi Vajda made it on the new campaign for Leadnow.ca - À l'Action (Leadnow envisions a just, sustainable, and equitable Canada, built and defended through the democratic power of an engaged public) during our last protest with Artists Against Pipeline Expansion against Kinder Morgan/Pipeline expansion photographed and organized by Delia Brett Let's keep fighting the good fight, time is urgent, some mistakes...

on Tokyo News 東京新聞

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東京新聞のりました!! スポンサーに牛耳られずに誠実に社会批判や原発批判をして人のためになってる東京新聞すきです。これからも偽りの「和」でなく真実を追求していってください。 作品のメッセージが広まりますように!スペースをこころよく使わせてくれたマスマスさんに多大なる感謝!すばらしいスタッフさんが働いています。   Congrats to Sammy Chien's first media presence in Japan! on Tokyo News! (Tokyo Shimbun東京新聞). So nice to see such influential media in Japan actually act take the medium of journalism/news/media as an active voice to deliver to the people despite the pressure from the government about the taboos. These are our common beliefs. It was perfect that they interviewed these progressive artists on their...

Lies/Harmony 和とウソの間 for TPAM in Japan

Activism/Social Change, Dance, Interdisciplinary Performance, News
Sammy Chien & Berlin based Japanese/South African performance artist Kazuma Glen Motomura's new collaboration in Japan Lies/Harmony 和とウソの間 (TPAM Fringe) as part of TPAM - Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama @ Mass×Mass関内フューチャーセンター 12/15,17,19. Political activist art, self-produced, for the people, for good cause and social change. Focusing on the issues of Fukushima nuclear disaster to raise global awareness for voicing the truth against government's lies,...