Camera Obscura (Hungry Ghosts)

I’ve waited a while to post about this project because the weight and significance of it is so tremendous. I wanted to focus all my energy on preparing for the show. The show has finally opened, beautifully and successfully. I’m so happy to finally announce this big, heavy project about this super important, pioneer in the artist community, whose work touches on issues of racism, queer culture, mental health, murder and suicide. The show opened with so much love and creativity from the community. There are 3 more shows, every night at 7pm at the Roundhouse until Saturday night. Saturday 2pm is pay what you can. Please come support this work.

When the play was written 16 years ago, it was far too progressive for its time.  No one dared produce it until this year when the frank theatre company picked it up with the Queer Arts Festival. Then everything aligned. An all-star team came onboard to pull this production together with limited time and funding. It was an intense mission to take on, but there were too many damn good reasons to push forward!

  • Written and directed by a black woman (Lesley Ewen)
  • produced by queer and QPOC (Fay Nass SD Holman)
  • A story about pioneer video artist Paul Wong: One of the first symbols of decolonizing white supremacy and systemic discrimination, about indigenous social issues, having an Asian male lead actor that isn’t stereotyped
  • Khan Lee’s amazing set design, a super star visual artist, who really makes the set like visual art installations.
  • To hear the sound master Stefan Smulovitz’s multichannel sound design and score, dynamic and haunting.
  • James Proudfoot’s lights, who always always no doubt brings the most beautiful lights with such fine details.
  •  David Bloom’s awesome fight choreography!!!!
  • I’d like to also mention how amazing Jeff Harrison is as a TD and Jen Swan is such an unbelievably kick-ass SM.
  • Also thank you to Kanon Hewitt, Kimia Koochakzadeh and Heather Barr assisting the production.

I feel that if anyone isn’t on this high level of expertise or such a hardworking professional, this production would have fallen over, but everyone held it together so well. I feel very humbled and honoured to have been a part of this work.

Produced by the frank theatre company and The Queer Arts Festival

The world premiere of Lesley Ewen’s new play with incredible actors Jeff Ho, Julien Galipeau and Braiden Houle bring the story to life with passion, intelligence and a brash sense of humour. The renowned design team, Sammy Chien, Khan Lee, Stefan Smulovitz, James Proudfoot and Hannah Case, have created an elegantly rich, multidimensional environment within which to tell this heartfelt, funny and deeply intense tale of Love and Redemption.

June 19: Preview
June 20: Opening Night
June 21 – 23rd: Shows at 7PM
June 23rd: 2PM Pay What You Can


The Roundhouse Performance Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews

Many people asked if I was using any of Paul Wong’s work as part of video design for Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts) , so I’m sharing a secret from the show: The video noise used throughout the show was the original video noise from Paul Wong’s work in the 70s. It is THE original Paul Wong’s video noise. Lesley Ewen was also particular about the video noise, so we kept it original– a subtle way to pay respect to the pioneer video artist.

With deep respect and honour, I’d like to share that today happens to be the 40 year anniversary of Paul’s ex. partner Kenneth’s passing, a tragedy the story is based on. The dates coincides with our closing show. It was evident that the universe wanted to produce this work, everything just aligned magically. To honour the suicide and murder with meaningful insights for us to reflect on a deeper level. Art really can be so profound, powerful and scary. I feel really small and humble in this big universe.


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