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So honoured to be on Canadian national television CBC! So blessed to have the opportunity to share some of the research, art, performance and process in the past years in interdisciplinary art, performance and technology. Still lots of visions and voices that I love to share with the world, relates to sociopolitical ideology, equality, queerness, humanity and spirituality, this is a good start, i’m so thankful. Art is the mission that I chose to speak to the world.

我上加拿大的國家電視台CBC了,好榮幸有這個機會被專訪,讓我有機會分享我多年在跨領域科技藝術表演的研究, 理念還有發展, 還有很多人文/政治/社會/靈性/平權的理念想要表達, 但是短短的2分鐘, 這是一個開始, 感謝!

Thank you filmmaker Michelle Gwendolyn Kee so so much for making this artist profile on me, thank you for choosing me and trusting my vision. Thank you CBC Arts for putting energy in such meaningful platform for marginalized/creative voices.

I’d like to take a quick moment to thank Mark Coniglio & this super inspiring software Isadora he’s created (which is explained in the video), my entrance into the new media dance/performance world. some of the shots were from my residency process at Lake Studios Berlin last year working with him (also thank you Kazuma Glen Motomura & Marcela Giesche). Thank you Wen Wei Dance! Wen Wei Wang has pushed me to become a more solid interdis performing artist during our 3 year process of Made In China (also big thank you to the management team Eponymous!) Thank you Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble & DKAM (Diane Kadota) for commission me one of my first movement solo work. Thank you Stefan Smulovitzfor the years of inspiration/friendship and bringing me in the performance that CBC can come in to film during Now Society (Lisa Cay Miller)’s show madMethod. Thank you Martin Gotfrit for the awesome projector. Thank you David Kelso & Bryan Eng for the filming help… list goes on. lots and lots of love <3

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Thank you Simon Fraser University SFU School for the Contemporary Arts and Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology for posting CBC Arts short video about my work on SCA News!

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