Art that can change the world可改變世界的表演

I just sat in a dress rehearsal of an experimental physical theatre piece performed and created by mostly people with physical disabilities, it was one of the most powerful performance I’ve seem in a long long time. I started bawling within 10 min into the show, I highly recommend anyone in taiwan to come see this piece, and I hope to find ways to bring this show around the world, it was so risk taking, so profoundly powerful and beautiful, it really brought out the power of our soul, the beauty as sentient being, and it truly reminded me our own limitations as “body able”, these performers with physical disability made nothing but a super badass show and some of the most physical performance i’ve ever seem, i’m in awe. I personally have been working with non-normative bodies since 2010, but this is one the most groundbreaking work I’ve seem.

The performers with physical disabilities: completely blind, severe cerebral palsy and all lower body muscle atrophy, yet they performed some of the best contact improv i’ve seem in my life, they had some of the most powerful trio i’ve seem. Photo on the lower right is the sound designer and the artistic director. I’ve heard so many inspiring stories from the process of working, he’s been working with some of the performers for more than 10 years. I think this piece can change the world, especially question our social preconception about “disability”. I was able to rise above the limitations of my own body and perception, to engage the piece with my heart and soul, it was completely breathtaking. 

總彩排表演完後我太開心了熱情的衝去跟這些超厲害的表演者拍照,他們從腦性麻痺而肢體無法自主靜制的姜聲國Kang Sung Kuk、雙腳萎縮的鄭志忠,全盲且右腳踝粉碎性骨折暨左小腿骨裂的李新寶, 卻可演出這麼powerful的接觸即興舞蹈,更別說他們的身體跟靈魂在一動一靜間訴說的你無法去捏造的故事。照片右下角是跟導演姚立群跟聲音楊政諺Cevo Yang, 我是因為Cevo邀請才知道這個表演的,我發現在台灣劇場跟其他的觀眾之間的斷層好像蠻大的,但是這個表演真的很有價值,真的值得散發出去這個世界,有改變世界的力量。希望大家能幫忙分享跟支持。
關於生之重力的間奏式─第十屆第六種官能表演藝術祭 @牯嶺街小劇場Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre
#第十屆 #第六種官能表演藝術祭
Intermezzo: A Taiwan – Korea Collaboration
#SixthSenseinPerformanceArtsFestival #2016
#牯嶺街小劇場 #GulingStreetAvantGardeTheatre
#身體氣象館 #BodyPhaseStudio
2016/12/28-12/31 19:30
明天表演就開幕了!我人在高雄所以我只能看總彩排,希望大家能去看正式演出。尤其是31號晚上,是個超級適合給2016年做個結束的表演。Opening is tomorrow, closing show on 12/31, I think it’s a perfect show to bring a closure to 2016.


here’s a preview of the work

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