03/11 @ Rhythm Alley (Taipei)

improvised experimental performance: experimental jazz, live electronics/ electroacoustic, movement art, conceptual, new media— one night of play time in Taipei

I feel so lucky to get booked to play with some of the craziest and most veteran musicians in Taiwan: Sonic Deadhorse, Min-Yen Terry Hsieh, Shih-Yang Lee, I actually REALLY love their work.
first time improvising with Sophia Wolfe (FORM Festival of Recorded Movement /Company 605)

Sonic deadhorse wrote something really nice about me, he came to see my work last year in Digital Carnival and loved my interdisciplinary approach in new media, sound, movement integration with technology and art, and decided to find opportunity to collab together. This is our first initiation, very causal, fun and experimental. I feel blessed that I can put on my improv jazz musician hat for once;)

好榮幸能跟台灣超暴力跟資深的音樂人/創作者一起即興表演: 音速死馬, 謝明諺,李世揚
+第一次跟舞者Sophia Wolfe 一起表演

非/密閉空間(Sonic Deadhorse & 謝明諺 )x 李世揚 x Sammy Chien +Sophia Wolfe at 享巷 Rhythm Alley

03/11/2017 8pm

享巷 Rhythm Alley
中正區羅斯福路二段66 巷21號1樓, Taipei, Taiwan 100

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